This was not to be nice; this was thought to prevent them from being able to escape. That they wouldn’t have a chance to get their bodies used to cold water. Alcatraz is infamous, and it is a place that gets thousands of visitors every year.

According to History Collection, over 100 kids grew up on Alcatraz . They had happy childhoods, playing baseball, flying kites, roller skating, or competing in soapbox derbies. The only difference was if they were on the playground and an alarm sounded, they had to run straight home. The kids were also banned from owning toy guns and playing cops and robbers, although some parents snuck in the contraband, and children would play secretly at home. Most of the island was off limits, but kids being kids, that was just another fun game, sneaking around where they weren’t allowed.

There is a prison in Colorado that has been named the “Alcatraz of the Rockies.”It is the ADX Florence Prison and it is incredibly secure. It has some of the country’s most dangerous criminals in it. If a prisoner stood in their cell and stretched their arms out, they would be able to touch the cell walls on either side. 23 of them were recaptured and sent right back, 6 were shot, and the remaining amount was listed as missing.

Alcatraz Island itself is a natural base, a fact that was recognized early on by the United States Government. Some of the stories of punishment come down to if you believe the warden and guards or the convicts. Inmates, for example, insisted under oath that they were beaten, while the warden swore that didn’t happen in his prison.

In 1861, Fort Alcatraz which was on Alcatraz Island had been fashioned into a military prison by the Department of the Pacific, where Civil War-era prisoners of war and some Native Americans were kept. By the end of the Civil War, military prisoners and those accused of treason were kept housed there. In 1898 during the Spanish American War, the meager inmate population of twenty-five ballooned to over four hundred and fifty inmates and slowly gained a reputation as a legitimate prison. The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 caused great distress to the city’s infrastructure and prisoners were sent to Alcatraz while repairs were made.

As the name suggests, prisoners were stripped naked before being thrown in this cell. In the first few years of Alcatraz’s operation, a rule was enforced that the inmates could not talk except to order their food. They could only converse in the workshops or the exercise what does chismosa mean yard on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. A metal detector was used on prisoners and visitors alike, but it was very hit and miss. Prisoners could find themselves working in the laundry and kitchen, burning trash, and tending the docks or the gardens.

Eight prisoners were murdered by other inmates, there were five suicides, and 15 died natural deaths. He left his banjo at the corner and often refused to go to the mess hall to eat. The wards excused him to go outside of the cell and joined a four-man prison band.

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