Thor stated they they can’t waste time trying to decide who will do it, and that as the “Strongest Avenger” he should fill the role. However, they continued to stop his attempts, which he desperately told them he wanted to do something right. But Stark informed him that not only was the power of the combined Stones too dangerous, but that he was in no condition to wield them. However, Barton assured him that her sacrifice couldn’t be undone, according to the Stonekeeper, causing him to get angry and yell at Thor to go talk to him himself. This then put to rest Thor’s hopes of bringing her back, causing him to once again be struck by more loss and pain that he was trying to overcome.

When the Frost Giants had ruined his coronation, he reacted by angrily flipping over a table and finally when he was later insulted by a Frost Giant on Jotunheim, Thor reacts by promptly decapitating the former with Mjølnir and started a fight with the other Frost Giants. Thor, along with everyone else rushe towards Thanos’ army, where he used Stormbreaker to defeat many enemies. Thor fought alongside Captain America, as the two briefly switched between using both of Thor’s weapons, of which they were worthy of. However, after they cleared all enemies in their area, Thor, ending up with Mjølnir, asked to switch with Captain America for Stormbreaker, as it was more powerful. However, at the same time, numerous portals appeared opposite the army, with heroes, including those who died to the Snap, to help in the fight. As they all stood together, Thor summoned Stormbreaker and flies to the assembled heroes, as Captain America led the charge, with Thor letting out a loud battle cry.

Gaining the upper hand, Thor then overpowered Surtur before successfully knocking the crown off his head, finally vanquishing Surtur. Despite all their attempts to resolve the conflict, it soon became clear that Ultron had no intention of keeping the peace, the teams began fighting, with Hawkeye stella dimokos blog and Black Widow fighting all Klaue’s soldiers while the others battled the Ultron Sentries. While Ultron fought against Iron Man, Thor assisted Captain America in the battle against the robots and Maximoffs, using teamwork to gain the upper hand and soon destroyed Ultron’s small robotic army.

Still struggling to pick a weapon, as he attempted to throw a hammer and was disappointed when it did not return to his hand, Thor then spotted the drunk woman who had captured him. Speaking to Korg about her, Korg revealed that she was actually Asgardian, much to Thor’s great surprise. Thor then attempted to speak to her, as she threatened to reactivated his Obedience Disk, which had just made Thor considerably more nervous about speaking with her. As Thor demanded Loki lift his magic, Odin confirmed that it was not Loki’s spells that had weakened him, stating that it took him a long time to break free of Loki’s illusion and that Frigga would have been proud of him, shocking Loki. Odin told his sons to admire the beauty of the landscape and the sea in front of him, reminiscing of Asgard. As Odin explained that Ragnarök was upon them, Thor told his father that he had defeated Surtur and put an end to Ragnarök.

He stated that Ultron would spread his rage across the globe before handing Mjølnir back to Thor, much to the bewilderment of everyone in the room. With the Spikes in his hands, Thor moved through the Aether and found Malekith in the center, pushing it’s power through the Nine Realms and plunging them into eternal darkness. Thor called out to Malekith, telling him he was there to accept his surrender, as he had said to the Kronan Marauder, and threw the Spikes into Malekith’s arms, teleporting them to Svartalfheim, although Malekith merely used the Aether’s power to regrow his own arms back. Having gotten away from the Frost Beast which saved Darcy Lewis and Ian Boothby from Dark Elves, Thor and Malekith were teleported to separate parts of London, as Thor was forced to use the London Underground System to make his way back towards Greenwich. Thor quickly asked the highly confused passengers the best way for him to get back to the battle, and smiling to himself when an attractive woman had then awkwardly fallen on him. They quickly drove back to the apartment in London where Foster was greeted by Darcy Lewis and Ian Boothby while Thor carefully placed Mjølnir onto the coat rack.