Several things can cause harm to your house. It might surprise you that carpenter ants can pose much damage in specific households. 

It makes the carpenter ants slightly more troublesome because they can damage your house. These ants don’t chew the external wood in the furniture. That means killing them when you spot them is not an option that will work in your favor. It’s because they chew the inside of the wood. 

At times homeowners are completely clueless about this. Here are a few stages that will enable you to see the signs of a carpenter ant nest and find out ways to tackle it. 

The first stage

The first stage is when you can check these pests. They will send the worker ants to fetch food as they walk in. So, when you see all these worker ants, you should identify it. These ants won’t raid the cabinets and pantry for food. Instead, they can survive on other foods. It means that you will see only a few even when there is a more significant infestation. 

The solution here is the identification. Simply put, the carpenter ants are the biggest ants that you find in your house and are black in color. They come with one node between the abdomen and the thorax. Some people mistake them as the pavement ants that are also black. 

The second stage

When the carpenter ants create their nest, you will experience the next stage. That means you will see sawdust beneath the kick-out holes leading to tunnels. These ants don’t consume wood. Instead, they chew and then push it outside. You can sometimes come across the frass in the crawl spaces beneath your house, garage spaces, basement areas, and other locations. It can also get stuck to a few walls underneath or also get piled on the surface. 

The third stage

It usually gets mistakes as stage one, but it is a warning sign for you. When you see that the flying ants are present on the window panes, it’s a sign that there is a strong presence of the carpenter ant nest in your house. Some people use the vacuum cleaner thinking it will work well. But you shouldn’t do that. The carpenter ants are swarmer in nature, and it will only make them multiply their nest. 

The fourth stage

It is the most dangerous stage. If you don’t do anything about the carpenter ants, it can make it make the home supports weak and result in a warp. It can result in stuck windows, stuck doors, sinking ceilings, sloppy floors, and protruding walls. So, you have to be careful about this. 

Now that you are aware of all the four stages, you should take action when you come across the slightest sign which makes you feel that there are carpenter ants in your house. Get in touch with a professional pest and termite control company that can enable you to eradicate this problem from the root.