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Real estate is one of the oldest and most evolving business fields. Today, a real estate agent has to pay a lot of attention to their online presence, as it is the only way that lets them reach hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people simultaneously. But this would never happen if you hadn’t set up your website properly in the first place. This is why you should always pick from Showcase IDX’s list of Realtor website templates.

One of the greatest moments for your website is when it gets a subdomain site from a real estate broker. It means that your website is growing properly and gaining authority in the real estate field. Subdomains give more weight and credibility to your online presence. But this shouldn’t be your sole purpose. Focusing on your IDX should be your top priority, as it is what brings a real estate website to the top.

Can a site subdomain from a broker be your ultimate website success strategy?

Yes, a subdomain adds a lot to the value and authority of your website. But this is not the most powerful factor that can make your real estate website a huge success. A subdomain that you receive from your broker makes your website move forward and be at a vantage point compared to the rest of your competitors.

The significance of subdomains comes from their being independent and separated from the original domain of your website. So, it is basically like you have another website. A subdomain of a real estate website facilitates the populating of numerous pages containing listings from your MLS. Subdomains have their own independent authority and contain loads of information. So, working till you land a subdomain from a real estate franchise or another broker’s server servers your online presence pretty well.

But to make your real estate website valuable and attractive to your target audience, you need to work more on your listing information. You can achieve this with the help of a reliable IDX software program.

What is IDX? 

The acronym IDX is an abbreviation for Internet Data Exchange. Simply, it is a software program that gets listing data from MLS and shares it on a real estate agent’s website. MLS is a Multiple Listing service that a group of local real estate professionals established together. The purpose of any MLS is to allow all participating members to have access to up-to-date listings. IDX software is the thing you need to get this data automatically onto your website. This way, you can enjoy these commonly shared listings in addition to your own exclusive listings.

Everyone is sharing their listings on different MLSs, not out of the love of cooperation. Brokers share their listings in exchange for real estate agents’ introducing them to clients. This way, everybody wins in the process.

Why is IDX important for a real estate agent’s website? 

Efficient IDX enriches your website with endless for sale or rental properties. You don’t have to work on establishing an extensive and exclusive property listing, as you already have access to an endless source. Also, you don’t have to put any effort into updating the shared listings, as your software can handle this for you.

Your main purpose as a realtor is to generate more leads, and IDX can help you a lot with this matter. Your prospective clients will always find on your website new listings that may grab their attention. So, you can wait for them to approach you.

IDX can help in increasing the number of visits your website receives. Due to the substantial amounts of listings data that IDX brings to your site, clients will find it useful and they will start sharing interesting listings with others. You can add sharing buttons on social media to encourage website visitors to directly share webpages. This can increase the rate of engagement and reach for your website.