Service products are intangible in nature, services like, consultancy, banking, insurance etc. Product refers to a good or service that satisfies the needs and wants of customers. It is offered in the market by an organization to earn revenue by meeting the requirements of customers. Product is an asset of an organization and referred as the backbone of marketing mix.

Service personnel frequently specialize by customer industry and thus have an intimate knowledge of their changing needs. Dealing with complaints about the technical characteristics or performance of products often suggests manufactured coin ffxiv new- product ideas. Physical characteristics include range, shape, size, color, quality, quantity and compatibility. Subjective attributes are determined by advertising, self-image, labelling and packaging.

-brand association. The earning potential of a brand over a 12-month period is known as its -price potential. -asset base. -brand value. -market share.

Utility is, thus, the strength of product to satisfy a particular need. However, importance lies in service rendered by the product. People are not interested just owning or possessing products, but the services rendered by them.

Corporate brands. Traditional brands. Registered brands. One key feature of the value of a brand is that A.

By weighing primary versus secondary benefits. Through investment in product tracking systems. Through brand association and brand licensing.