The great thing about composting is that there are several ways of doing it and, being a free world, we get to choose what suits us best. I agree with you regards putting a SubPod in a small raised bed. It makes no sense to me to enclose the system in such a small bed when bigger ones would appear to be more resilient. However I wrote the article this way as SubPod appeared to be comparing themselves with conventional composting systems. It felt to me as if they had confused vermiculture with conventional composting. Essentially, other than the size and price, the SubPod Mini appears to have all the benefits and disbenefits of its larger brother.

As Subpod is embedded right in your growing garden, it helps feed and boost your herbs and vegetables on a daily basis. The worms feed and then transverse out through the soil, excreting natural fertilizers and aerating it, all at the plant root level. Looking for outdoor composting bins, planter raised beds and gardening trowels products but having no idea?

And microbes live inside Subpod and turn all the materials you feed them into rich compost. Over time, nutrients from the compost will feed your garden soil and help your plants thrive. I’m contemplating purchase of a Subpod – mainly to assist my increasingly frail wife’s composting efforts & interests (which mainly involve food scraps from our kitchen & worms). I have been composting for many years here in coastal Adelaide where the soil is mainly sand!

Paper plates, tissues, egg cartons, paper cupcake liners, baking paper, even card and paper packaging is fine. Delivered to your door from our local warehouse with world class courier services. You’ll be provided with a tracking number once your Subpod is dispatched, knowing exactly when you’ll receive it. We know you’ll love Subpod – that’s why it comes with a 60 day satisfaction period. Use your Subpod in your backyard and return it if you’re not happy to us within 60 days for a full refund.

The “everything–you–need–bundle” including Subpod, Aerator and stylish raised garden bed. Start fighting food waste and grow healthy food in your backyard. We all gathered at the kitchen garden and found a suitable spot close to the pathway allowing for easy access to the Subpod. We then added the bedding material and worms topping it all off with a worm blanket to keep them cosy and moist. We use in-ground worm farms similar to what Sam describes, although we bought them. We live in a ground floor apartment with a large raised garden bed that is part of the building construction and have three in ground worm farms.

My subpod in an apartment garden plot has a big hole in the side – a rodent has clearly been digging it’s way around the sides and has found a way in. The subpod is not rodent resistant and for the sake of apartment health I think I may have to remove it. Its above ground, there are no insects beyond those that are busy breaking down my compost, and definitely no rodents. I’m still not sure why people think that compost smells.

We have a professional team with decades of experience to test the products, which can help ensure that we provide our readers with accurate advice and best recommendations. The Subpod Grow Garden Bed is strong and stylish, made from which of the following activities constitutes engagement in research high-quality steel with an anti-corrosion coating of aluminium and zinc for long life. Please note this is the raised garden bed only. Read more Overview Your Subpod will be right at home inside our thoughtfully designed Grow Bed.

All of my composting is diy with reused material. It would be much simpler to bury your scraps directly to the ground.. I live in one of the semi-urban parts of Boston and every house in my neighborhood has one of these. Older neighbor said that, back in the day, someone would come by and take the contents for the local pig farm. You can do that a lot cheaper with a couple 5 gallon buckets and screw top lids. But yes, I have seen similar systems on youtube.

For awhile, I was trying to sort out material, dimensions.. Then I remembered the 5 gal buckets you can get at most any hardware store. When your wastes transformed into fertilizer, was it effective on your plants? Dropping your feedback and experience about this product is highly recommended and would go a long way in helping people who plan on buying it know the effectiveness of the product.