The staircase with the vanishing step extends from the second to the fourth floor. It had frequently caught Neville, but Harry himself found himself stuck while wandering around crunch fitness greenacres under his invisibility cloak and focusing on the Marauder’s Map rather than where he was going . That staircase is located along a popular shortcut up to Gryffindor Tower.

The blood purity stuff in the books offers a new perspective on things like sexism and racism and the way they work in society. People get treated like they’re worth less over irrelevant things they were born with all the time, and maybe we should be thinking about it more. Also, no muggleborn is going to complain too much about learning how to use magic at first. They’re not going to take it for granted that way. They might object more later, but probably only if employment prospects are bleak.

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It’s hidden near the kitchens, in a hallway where you will find a bunch of barrels lined up. If you tap the correct barrel to the right rhythm, you’ll be allowed inside. As for inside the dormitories, we’ve seen plenty of the Gryffindor common rooms, as well as hints for the Slytherin and Ravenclaw ones. What the movies didn’t get a chance to show us is that the Slytherin dormitories reside partially under the lake at Hogwarts. That’s the true reason for the eerie glow within the rooms – all the light coming in the windows is first filtered through the lake itself. The movement of the staircases is somewhat less predictable than the movies indicated.

The most impressive part of the Slytherin common room is its overall architecture. I think the danger of physical harm is taken much more lightly in the wizarding world because so many serious injuries can be easily healed by magic. I mean, there’s a potion for growing new bones overnight! And the magic students haven’t learned how to control yet seems a lot more dangerous to me than getting banged up physically . The castle is a possibly a bit sentient, oozing with magic, and has its own personality.