Principal images started in August and the movie premiered in 2018. She then starred within the thriller Memoir of a Murderer, playing the role of a assassin’s daughter. On July 30, 2012, Seolhyun made her debut as a member of AOA on Mnet’s M Countdown with the music “Elvis” from their debut single album, Angels’ Story. Soon afterwards, she made her performing debut in the television drama My Daughter Seo-young, playing the position of Lee Jung-shin’s girlfriend. Watched the series while reading your recaps. Will check for update in your weblog regularly.

Woo-jae feels an uncommon link with Sam-jae, and the 2 befriend each other without Woo-jae realizing who Sam-jae really is. In gratitude, Woo-jae lands Sam-jae a security job on the firm, but Sam-jae shows unusual conduct to Woo-jae whenever Seo-young was around. After Sam-jae quits his security job, Woo-jae discovers Sam-jae’s photograph of Seo-young at his locker. Therefore, Woo-jae researches Sam-jae and is shocked to find his savior is his father-in-law. Now I discovered the rationale why this drama conquered very excessive ranking in Korea, even there’s no big star in it but can hits the weekly ranking.

Seo-young walks by, simply then, and so they stare one another down and not utilizing a word. Woo-jae mutters “She’s determined not to say ‘hi’ first, is she? ” and Sun-woo wonders what on the earth he’s saying. Hehehehee, Sun-woo, just go away now. Seo-young turns down the provide to dine with the household , and Mama Kang mutters that Seo-young is like a feminine President Kang.

Ooh la la, I odor the romance already. Sung-jae exhibits off his runway walking at college and assures his friends he’ll have no downside getting to the fashion show tonight. Unable to imagine his luck, he climbs down the key rope ladder from his second-floor room and slips out the entrance gate – solely to run smack dab into Seo-young. LOL. She provides to make a deal with him (which Woo-jae overhears), then tells Mama Kang they’re happening a area journey at present.

However, he realizes there is little he might do at this point but to grant Seo-young their divorce. Ho-jung, oblivious to all her mom’s efforts, goes out to console her newly boyfriend-less good friend over drinks. The cute ditz will get totally wasted and falls asleep in an alley. Seo-young arrives at the hospital and Sang-woo tells her their mom apparently had coronary heart disease.

Seo-young searches for the Kang residence, and Woo-jae drives down the road. He gets a name and is excited, thinking the police have lastly found the bike thief. It’s his girlfriend Sun-woo, although eutrophication disrupts the balance of ecosystems., who’s aggravated he by no means called after being discharged. He gets an incoming call and goes to pick it up however drops his telephone.

I’m asking you a favor, because this may just be the final chance for our maknae.” Gawsh, I love him already. Who could it be however Ho-jung, who got here to the Lee’s rooftop house bearing an enormous load of gifts. Sang-woo isn’t all that pleased to see her, and she takes each word of his at face worth. It’s so humorous but only because she’s so cute. If she wasn’t, oh man I assume I’d go bonkers. Sang-woo tells her to take every little thing back, however relents on only a couple slabs of beef when Papa Lee says they need to a minimum of feed her dinner.

It’s Seo-young’s wedding ring, and he stares at it in shock earlier than watching her. She’s adorably awkward and stiff, but so sweet as she tosses out, “Marry me.” Aaack! Woo-jae simply staaaares, letting the car veer off and sending the stunning drivers of Korea into street rage plus, and Seo-young yelps for him to concentrate. He yanks the automotive again into his lane then pulls off to the side. Gotta be parked for this one, ya know. He pulls the ring off the straw, still unable to imagine his eyes, and he amazedly asks, “You carried this round with you?

That incenses Seo-young, who makes clear that she would keep away from Dad at all prices if she might. But Sang-woo doesn’t really feel the identical – he didn’t have it that bad, because Seo-young and Mom took the brunt of their hardships. Seo-young tells him that’s all of the extra purpose for him not to take an LOA with only one semester left of med college. It was their mom’s dream for her son to go to school and graduate on time – and as soon as he graduates, he can function a doctor within the navy instead of an everyday infantryman.

The starting is pretty fast paced with sufficient humor to keep the story enjoyable and dynamic. Then the serious stuff begins and our heroine makes a monumental on-the-spot decision that can significantly affect her life and that of individuals closest to her. How can such an intelligent and morally upright particular person make such an unbelievable mistake? Yet, while we screamed at her stupidity and stubbornness, we also understood her motion as a result of it was plausible. We are simply apprehensive how she can pay for her lapse of judgment. In May 2017, Seolhyun was cast in historical movie The Great Battle, directed by Kim Kwang-sik.