At Ft. hood he trained some in his unit in hand-to-hand combat. And Toni, the rolls themselves state that not everyone who received the award are on the rolls. I’m not fond of non-public abuse, Mr Nielsen. And so far as testing your abilities go, it will not be much of a contest.

I read about what supposed they did at Camp Victory, offering voice and data… Um…excuse me? Two, I was at Camp Victory in 2004 during OIF II. I bear in mind the numerous painful and stressed days and nights setting up the voice and data networks…I don’t keep in mind anything about their involvement. I would virtually want to be incorrect here, but I sure as hell don’t recall something with All Points involving our work. And I am pretty positive my brigade and battalion commanders on the time would say the same rattling factor.

Probably the most effective proof that it’s the latter is his insistence that William Roy was born in 1950. Since Mr. Roy has a felony record, his date of birth is publicly documented as January 20, 1955 by North Carolina’s division of corrections. This implies that we know for sure that William Roy was only sixteen years old when the final Marine recon items were withdrawn from Vietnam. Military information are not as easily composed for fabrication as martial arts credentials. “I know a ton of martial artists out there and they need you pussy boy”.

There is no potential method that William Roy may have served in Vietnam. It must also be famous that Marine Recon items NEVER engaged in something close to the kinds of secret missions as Army Special Forces items, or the Navy SEALs. Marine Recon items had been precisely what their name implies; forward reconnaissance for major line combat items. When they did engage in direct motion they utilized air assets and offshore Naval gunfire to perform their missions. That was the extent of their “black operations”.

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No one threatened you dick smoke, simply saying, talk shit to our face. You aren’t the primary and you damn certain won’t be the final. William C. Roy’s Death Threat to Scott Hughes and his household after being exposed. Everyone on the team at Military Phonies can and can testify beneath oath that nobody has contacted or harassed any of William C. Roy’s household ~ Scotty . Was posted right after his publicity.Both Bio’s list unfavorable military historical past of William Roy’s Service Record. He is claiming three consecutive deployments to Vietnam assigned to 2nd Force Recon.

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