” He hissed in your ear, the hiss of a hypodermic needle appearing in his hands startling you, eyes widening. Real fear crept up your spine, mouth wobbling at the possibility of being drugged. Don’t call me.” He spoke, inhaling as you crept closer. Your movements were stealthy, a cat ready to pounce, inching nearer and nearer, towering over him as he looked at you from his position on the chair. He really wished you were cuffed up right now. ” Peter gulped, looking at them with his big brown eyes that even melted the coldest of hearts.

It was the 21st century and you learnt that being stubborn was a common trait, and that it was okay to do so if your not-really partner left you wondering for five fucking thousand years if he felt the same for you or not. Smacking your eyelids, you mumbled a “huh, what the fuck” as everything suddenly got sharper, a little too sharp in fact. Your head throbbed at the sudden input of every possible colour demanding their presence in your eyelids, colours you didn’t even know existed showing up as you looked around you. “Ouch, are you going to replace me with someone else now?

You had visited just this weekend, so he was surprised to see you here, his head cushioned on your thigh as your fingers ran over his hair. Whereas your previous kiss was hungry and passionate, this one was softer and so full of love. Curling your hand around his neck, you played with his curls until you had to move away to take a breath, only to realise that you didn’t need to breathe. “Well right now I just want to fuck you.” he said, sliding his hands into your panties and fingering your clit, making you throw your head back and hiss as his long fingers worked their magic.

In reality, you had no idea what you were going to do, hopefully Pepper would have it handled. “Pepper is taking care of it right now, why don’t you sit down? ” You said, pulling him towards the couch, plopping down on the plush seat. One minute Peter was on a “date” with MJ, and the next his identity was being outed. Smirking, he grabbed an energy drink from the stalls, passing through Tony who grumbled something about “stupid spiders”. “You’re eager aren’t you?” You said in between the kiss,”calm down baby boy, My apartment’s not far.”

Harry, who was sitting next to you, looked up from his plate, giving you a knowing look before clearing his throat. “I’m not a therapist, but you can talk to me, you know?” You smiled, holding her shoulder as she gave you a bashful smile. what types of business decisions would an eis use ai for? “Tomorrow will be better.” You whispered, kissing his eyelids, already closed, chest moving rhythmically as you counted his pulse, making sure he was completely asleep before slipping on your clothes, covering him with the thin quilt.