NetSuite is a business management software suite offered as a service that performs enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management functions. The dropdowns and form fills make it easy for sales and customer support agents to find the best rates and delivery times based on their customer’s location. You can print labels from the dashboard to handle replacements or make sure your best customers get the right products delivered to their doors with the best delivery time and price available. With all sales actions performed on the same platform, information like estimated gross profit for each sale is automatically calculated.

Once captured, you can segment leads to enable rapid responses that maximize the value of each interaction with enticing promotions and upsells. NetSuite provides a framework and workflows that let your marketing team target, build, execute, and measure the success of campaigns across every channel you use to reach customers and increase conversions. Planning and executing the right marketing programs is a critical first step in building a robust sales pipeline. Where most companies fall short is in making that vital link between marketing campaigns and sales execution. Allows your marketing automation platform to leverage existing siloed data.

Started off successfully and continue to be successful with Spotler’s marketing automation. With interaction and behavioural data from Spotler, and CRM data from NetSuite, you can start delivering the right in producing and marketing environmentally friendly products, seventh generation is practicing message, to the right person at the right time for very personalised journeys and campaigns. Execute, manage, and monitor campaigns across multiple channels and get a single view of campaign events.

Lead Reporting and AnalyticsTaking things right back to where the sales story begins. When on the lookout for new leads it’s important to know what you have done right or wrong in the past. Have reported a 24% increase in e-commerce sales over the companies that make up main stock indexes, such as S&P.

You can drill down into each of these areas to see detailed reports of what drives all of the data. The helpful “Lead Source” widget located at the bottom left of the dashboard provides you with information on the total sales per marketing campaign to help you understand which of your efforts has been the most effective. On the right-hand side, your marketers are given monthly data on new business and customer trends. The dashboard puts everything you need in terms of tracking performance in an easy-to-view screen for an objective view of what’s working well and where you might want to adjust your efforts and spend.

All the lifecycle information of your customer’s journey within immediate reach. From lead to sales opportunities, to sales orders, renewals, fulfillment, cross-sell, upsell and support. A group study released by Aberdeen states that highly aligned organizations achieved an average of 32% annual revenue growth. Drive Sales and Marketing alignment by integrating your NetSuite CRM data with Sugar Market, and without using any third-party tools. When you combine Sugar Market with NetSuite, you’re doing more than just connecting two systems. You’re creating a supercharged Sales and Marketing tool for teams to use across the board.

In this case first impressions mean everything, and how you deal with your response could make all the difference to saling the deal. A team of good and knowledgeable professionals who help organizations become more efficient, wiser, and competitive on a global scale. NetSuite also empowers you with advance Salesforce automation, Customer Support , and Marketing Automation. NetSuite CRM offerings are way beyond than any traditional CRM software.