It was only after Mark acknowledged this optical illusion that I decided to launch a probe. What, you think Kevin Donovan and Robert Cribb are the only investigative journalists around here? I taught those guys everything they know. Even still, I’d love to see them get to the bottom of why Kim Kardashian appeared to have four toes that one time, six another. Or why her wardrobe doors once curved and violated all physical laws beyond Narnia. Linda Ripa, 30, was an aspiring model and actress when she was injured in a car accident that fractured her pelvis, sternum, and ankle.

In one of the images, only one foot is clearly visible, prompting lots of questions and comments online. Kelly Ripa is responding to strange criticism that she’s received for her recent family photos. Ripa, 50, her husband, Mark Consuelos, their kids and their extended family all enjoyed a getaway in honor of some important 2020 graduations. She was does identify reveal curses simply crossing one of her legs behind the other—she even took her shoes off to demonstrate. After noticing these comments trickling in, Kelly immediately took to her Instagram Stories to directly address them. “I don’t know, maybe I’m just jetlagged, but can you explain to me why people are fixated on my feet in a family photo?” Kelly asked Mark.

Kelly Ripa had to prove for some reason that she has two feet… because well, the internet. Mark Consuelos tried again to give the benefit of the doubt in saying maybe all of these people commenting about her feet aren’t able to zoom into the picture properly, but Kelly Ripa wasn’t hearing it. She was keen on some playful namecalling, however, with her following comments.

For 30 days the social media video was a non-issue, but Paula’s chicken-frying abilities suddenly went viral this week due to a bombardment of critical comments on Instagram and TikTok. ” Ripa asked husband Mark Consuelos in the video. Ripa and her family recently took a vacation to Greece and Italy.

The surgeon refused to enter into settlement negotiations before trial and no settlement offer was made before the verdict. Other fans believed Mayim’s style was slightly upgraded, too. “She looked stunning in the orange/brown combo. The belts are very flattering,” one user said following an episode last week. Another called the outfit “outstanding.”

But if Fred Flintstone had those feet, he’d now be seeking out the best podiatrist and cosmetic surgeon in Bedrock. Honestly, the only one with vaguely human-looking feet is Lola, Ripa’s 20-year-old daughter, second from the left. Every other foot conjures Chernobyl or blunt-force trauma.

The talk show host decided to respond to some of the comments with an Instagram Story video. Fortunately, her injury will not require surgery. However, she does have to wear the boot for six weeks. Houston Foot & Ankle Specialist Dr. Andrew Schneider offers sports podiatry, diabetic foot care, and treatment and surgery of all foot and ankle problems to residents of Houston Texas and surrounding areas. Contact us today for an immediate appointment.

Kourtney Kardashian says “a little tequila” was consumed before she and Travis Barker headed to a Las Vegas wedding chapel early Sunday morning. “Where are your seasonings, Paula,” the TikToker said, who was later dumbfounded that the actress didn’t add seasoning to the chicken, but rather the grease that the chicken cooked in. “I didn’t win a Grammy but I clearly already won,” captioned a snap with his lady love at the Grammys. Back in January 2021, Avril began dating Mod Sun. Things appeared to get serious rather quickly, as he even got her name tattooed on his neck after less than a month of dating. Further, at the Grammys, the “Sk8er Boi” singer said told E!