Josuke will begin to fix his pompadour, and if the opponent hits him during that moment, they will stop to insult it, temporarily sending Josuke into a blind rage as his hair spikes upward. In this enraged state, all of Josuke’s attacks have increased speed and damage, as well as draining significantly more from the Guard Gauge, making it much easier to Guard Break. Barriers erected by “He heals pretty quickly!” evolve from floating shield-like structures to completely vertical walls. A skill exclusive to this form is “I’m not done kicking your ass!” where Crazy Diamond forces a downed opponent to stand, leaving them vulnerable to more attacks. Josuke’s hair continues to stand if he uses his HHA or GHA while this ability is active. A fight ensues between Kira, Josuke and Okuyasu, but Okuyasu is fatally wounded by the combination of Killer Queen and Stray Cat’s powers.

While Josuke heals Okuyasu, the latter remains unconscious while Josuke is retreating inside a house. Kira attacks him from outside with explosive bubbles, but Josuke manages to discover that Yoshihiro Kira was helping Yoshikage, and makes Kira inadvertently kill his father. Kira is then wounded by a projectile, and a close-quarter fight ensues between Crazy Diamond and Killer Queen. One day, Josuke sees a disintegrating Harvest giving him a jacket button, although Shigekiyo was alive and well not five minutes after. The ghost Reimi Sugimoto confirms that the mysterious killer who has been preying on the women of Morioh is responsible for Shigekiyo’s death, and every ally of Josuke begin a hunt for the killer.

Josuke has a tangential respect of the law at best, having inherited his father’s mischevious side, shown primarily in regards to winning money. After nearly emptying his bank account on frivolous spendings, Josuke has been trying to get extra money in quick fashion. Similarly, after meeting Mikitaka Hazekura, he takes advantage of his shape-shifting Stand power, convincing him to turn into dice in order to cheat money from Rohan, with whom he has a bad relationship. Lastly, characterized as a knowing gesture, he steals Joseph’s wallet with his Stand by restoring it to his possession with a piece of a picture planted there. However, in a fight, Josuke is much more calm, and has unshakable confidence in Crazy Diamond, but his confidence doesn’t extend to himself, as Josuke can still be nervous if things don’t go his way. Additionally, Terunosuke Miyamoto is able to reveal that in terms of body language, Josuke’s first unconscious reaction when unsure is to bite his lip.

18602 years after his father became a vampire, Zeppeli meets an oriental doctor and Tonpetty takes him in as an apprentice of the Ripple. Araki also forgot about Dio’s ability to shoot out lasers from his eyes and never used that attack again. Rohan stares down the younger man again with piercing green eyes.

After Kira’s death, Josuke appears when Reimi ascends to heaven and later joins Jotaro and Joseph to say his goodbyes. Before he left however, he used his stand to steal Joseph’s wallet. In the story, just after Enrico Pucci’s death at the hands of Emporio Alniño and the Stand Weather Report, the universe completes a second cycle, though not with Pucci’s intended result. In this renewed world, characters of seemingly very similar identities to Jolyne, Ermes, Anasui and Weather Report fortuitously gather in Emporio’s proximity. However, the characters now have different names such as Irene and Annakiss, along with different lives and memories. As time continues to travel, the universe will hit a “vanishing point”, and a new universe will be created, where everything repeats itself, according to “fate”.

I’ve always flip-flopped on where exactly he is (especially in regards to things like King Crimson’s ability), but maybe he does actually have most of the fan theories we apply figured out ahead of time. Okuyasu Nijimura A “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4” character and Stand user living in Morioh, the best friend of main character Josuke Higashikata. His Stand, Crazy Diamond is based on the Pink Floyd song Shine on You Crazy Diamond. In order to avoid copyright suits, the English versions of the manga, anime, and video games changed its name to Shining Diamond. Stray Cat is a Stand that’s fused with a recently deceased street cat. As a result of this union, Stray Cat is one of the most dangerous Stands to roam the streets of Morioh.

3 days after Ryohei’s death, it’s raining over Josuke’s house and Angelo is fused into a rock by Crazy Diamond. One day after Jotaro’s arrival, in the morning 7 corpses made by Angelo are found and Ryohei Higashikata, age 55, is killed by Anjuro “Angelo” Katagiri. YearPart 1-6 Events1999April, Jotaro, age 28, meets Josuke and Koichi the day they go to 1B class at Budogaoka Highschool. The national institute publish a map of Morioh, the ghost alley does not feature on it.

Since then, Josuke replicates his hairstyle as homage to his hero, and aspires to become someone who would save others like the young man. Based on the boy’s appearance in Josuke’s flashback, he is an empathetic and perceptive individual. Although it was a dark night, the boy could tell that Josuke was sick in the back of Tomoko’s car. He voluntarily helps them move their car out of the snow despite being rickey stokes news dothan al in a rough state with several fresh bruises and open cuts on his face. He also sacrifices his school jacket, which is considered his badge of honor, underneath the car’s tires without any hesitation. Since most of the game’s animation, effects and attacks were reused from All Star Battle, Josuke’s repertoire of abilities remains mostly the same, though with some new additions to aid him in battle.

Josuke is generally a docile, harmless, and a pacifist until someone insults his rockabilly/ Elvis-pompadour hairstyle. Upon hearing the insult, Josuke loses all restraint and rationale and unleashes his feral and violent persona. While angry, Josuke may not fix things 100% perfectly and literally goes blind with rage. His life was perfect, until one fateful day, he met a pompadoured teen and everything began falling apart. 3 days after Jolyne’s escape , Donatello Versus is sent after Jolyne’s group. Weather Report regains his memory, but both he and Donatello are killed during a skirmish with Pucci.

6 days before the new moon on March 22, Jolyne escapes after 4 months of imprisonment. Friday, August 19, 10 months, 16 days, 3 hours and 24 minutes after they stole 2 Locacaca branches, Kira and Josefumi are tracked down by Tamaki Damo and Yotsuyu Yagiyama. November, the next dayJotaro visits Jolyne in the prison and they are attacked by Johngalli A, 35, one of DIO’s remaining disciples after a 22 year long grudge.