His latest Morphe obsession is none other than the James Charles Palette. Launched in late 2018, the palette set the world on a wild rampage to get their hands on their own. He has encountered his fair share of scandals and mishaps.

When I do such a lengthy article, I like to plan ahead and draw out my makeup ideas in advance. When I drew out this idea, I imagined it as a very neutral and everyday look. While it still is exactly that, it also is a bit darker than I imagined. For this I blended Tea all around my eyes and Benny in my outer corner and crease.

This is a harder look to copy than the first one but don’t worry because James Charles has you covered with a detailed make up tutorial called “Holiday slay make up tutorial” on his YouTube channel. In case you haven’t heard, the Morphe James Charles palette is insane! The colors are SO pigmented 4th be with you meme but blend out easily. I wanted to create a colorful eyeshadow look, but without it being rainbow themed. Although we’re using some bright eyeshadow, it’s still wearable – especially for a fun night out! Are you Apr 19, 2019 – Explore emzsue’s board “James Charles palette looks” on Pinterest.

The Morphe x James Charles Palette is split up into three main sections. The top of the palette is where most of the neutrals are located. I’d like to point out that this section leans warm; there aren’t a ton of options in terms of cool neutrals. The middle section has larger pans with shades that you might find yourself using up first in most palettes.

With that said, by following James’ specific instructions, I was able to create some of my favorite looks EVER with this palette. James Charles’s makeup tutorials on YouTube are self-explanatory. Coupled with that, they are easy to get and understand. From Golden Hour to Contrasting Smokey Eye, you’ll learn a lot there. Continuous Setting Mist -This micro-fine mist sets liquid or powder makeup with a radiant finish. Dip your brush onto the bright blue/ teal shade on the inner half of your eyelids.

#authentic #eyeshadow #sanitized #palette #lightly #charles #shades #morphe #makeup #james #been #u… Charles’ palette has the whole middle row with larger pans with shadow’s that everyone will use the most, like transition shades and black and white. The top two rows have normal sized pans with colors you can use for everyday use, and the bottom two rows are normal sized pans with the vibrant shades that you can get creative with. The James Charles Palette is one of the reasons why James Charles is famous. The James Charles Palette is an affordable collection that includes 39 eyeshadows and pressed pigments.

James Charles makeup looks are over the top but with this one, he ensures that you have full coverage and you’re ready to run your errands still looking beautiful. Instead, don’t use the transition color on the eyelid itself and use all the three colors as he shows. James Charles look includes a transition shade that is applied on the upper section of the eye.

From his barefaced selfie to his look on a winter day, below are his real-life photos. Without mincing words, the natural look of James Charles is one of the reasons why he is loved and followed by many. His natural look is as astonishing as his makeup look. Team True Beauty is operated by Sam and Paulina Romain. Paulina has been in the salon and beauty industry for 14 years.

Naturally, James Charles’s face without make-up says a lot about how stylish the makeup artist is. As you can see above, even without covering his face up, the look on his face is capable of melting anyone’s heart. Staining is pretty typical as far as pink/red shadows go merely because of the dye that needs to be used to make them so pigmented. With great pigmentation in the shadows comes a little staining. ‘You’re Kidding’ is a fiery red shade, and one single swatch pass gave off so much buttery smooth pigment that it made my jaw drop.