In the story, Santa does some weird things to the kids that they did not know he was involved in. The very first thing that follows is that his actions create more problems for him. He ends up having to be responsible for the deaths of the kids who were killed. The Santa story is quite complicated and nuanced, and at times the Santa story feels like it is taking place in a movie. On the surface, Santa is a very benevolent being because he has no agenda.

The origins of TUDOR date back to 1926, when “The Tudor” was first registered as a brand on behalf of the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. He created the Montres TUDOR SA Company in 1946 to offer watches with the quality and dependability of a Rolex, at a more affordable price point. Because of their robustness and affordability, throughout their history TUDOR watches have been chosen by the boldest adventurers on land, underwater and on ice.

It does a lot more to play the titty-ditty theme than the santa-surfing podcast. If it helps you surf or gets you excited about beach lifestyle, it’s on Empire Ave. Product reviews, activations, and interesting interviews. We also get our geek on with social media analysis and event breakdowns now and again. Probably my favourite surf podcasts out of all the ones listed here, and the only brand based one we’ve included.

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Shawn Walchef is the host of the Digital Hospitality podcast and owner of CaliBBQ.Media. The story is a bit disjointed, but the second half of the story is much more focused on Santa than the first. He is not only doing bad things, but the kids who were killed are killed even more.

And making sure THEY know they can take up space out there too. But she also gets to witness how her students have applied lessons from surfing into their everyday lives. And so I think I get inspiration from so many different women and so many different people including my own family. That has given me the confidence to be like That’s cool if I’m the only one out here at least maybe some girl on the beach will see me and that will make her feel like she can go out there too. That’s what really makes me feel proud to be Latin X and be a woman engaging in this.