The garment can be handled without harm, but as soon as it is actually donned the wearer is killed instantly unless she succeeds on a DC 28 Fortitude save. Requirements are so dependent upon suitability to the item that they should never be determined randomly. An item with a requirement that which of the following will be the same amount regardless of the cost flow assumption adopted? is also intelligent often imposes its requirement through its personality. If the requirement is not met, the item ceases to function. If it is met, usually the item functions for one day before the requirement must be met again . An uncontrolled item occasionally activates at random times.

Hugo’s companions had followed their drunken friend across the moorland, and came upon the bodies of both Hugo and his girl. Hugo had just had his throat ripped out by “a foul thing, a great, black beast.” Ever since, Mortimer reports, the supernatural hound has haunted the family. The hound just recently killed Sir Charles Baskerville, the latest inhabitant of Baskerville Hall. Intercession, of whatever variety, almost always feels good, whether it actually does good or not. While Christopher Hitchens, a devout atheist, expressly forbid Christians to pray for him when he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, I say, bring them on, the more prayers, the better.

Once the curse is broken, the player can recover, save the emotional trauma and a potential dent in their alignment. Weaponizing.A cunning party who deduces that an item is cursed may plot to use it against their foes. This is like the “unwitting affliction” for skeptical parties with flexible morals. This can set the scene for tense social encounters with powerful members of opposing factions.

He must save again once per day against a potential implosion. This blade seems and behaves in all ways as a sword of subtlety until actually used in combat. Once used in combat, it imposes a –10 penalty on all Stealth checks made by its wielder. It also makes it nearly impossible for the owner to tell a lie or engage in any other sort of subterfuge.

It says “most methods” but then does not go on to describe which methods, if any, do reveal the curse on a cursed item. 5e doesn’t seem to have an equivalent of analyze dweomer from earlier editions . Giving out treasure that bites people is cruel, and that’s not the kind of thing I want unless I’m going to base a story around it. I used to let Identify detect Curses, since if someone was willing to burn a spell slot it was good enough for me. Otherwise, Identify is largely useless for anything other than figuring out if someone has spells on them, like a Charm spell.

This is amplified by the fact that the cursed item cannot be unequipped. The necklace immediately constricts, dealing 6 points of damage per round. It cannot be removed by any means short of a limited wish, wish, or miracle and remains clasped around the victim’s throat even after his death. Only when he has decayed to a dry skeleton does the necklace loosen, ready for another victim. These gauntlets perform according to their appearance until the wearer finds herself under attack or in a life-and-death situation. This ring appears as a normal ring of eloquence, with four different languages etched around the inside of a silver band, and the wearer of a chatter ring gains the ability to speak the four languages inscribed in the ring.