The Persuasion Mini-Game will allow you to gain people’s trust through either bribes or persuasion. Once each round you can select ku virtual lab either Admire, Boast, Joke, or Coerce. Certain choices will be either well received or result in lowering your disposition.

My Pathfinder character, Loth, has a silver tongue. Loth can talk down the most determined killers, and intimidate giants, despite the fact that he’s 3′ tall and weighs 30 lbs. Loth can do things I’d never be able to do, and it’s not just limited to his spellcasting. I hate the minigame, i’d rather be completely rid of it. I’d rather rely on the skill of my character.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy buying all of the smithing perks. Many of the better armors in the game are not so much better that it really makes a difference. Then place 1 lockpick in the NPC’s inventory. Check their items and they will have 100 lockpicks. Then pickpocket the 100 lockpicks from the NPC.

He sells poisons, potions, lockpicks, and is also one of two vendors who sell skooma in Cyrodiil. This is a huge newb question, I assume, but can someone explain in detail how to pick locks? I usually just hit a ‘thing’ up and click the auto unlock or whatever, but anything that’s harder than “very easy” I can’t unlock… Shoot, I have codes for FOV, money, lockpicks…modpca, modpcs…all that crap memorized for these Gamebryo based games. If you have the Dunborrow Cave , there are 2 guys that sell 100 lockpicks, and replinish every 3 days.

Go around to different magic guilds until you find someone selling a better unlock spell. I’m currently using “unlock hard lock” and it works for anything up to hard. Behind the back corner on the stables outside the Imperial City there is a person called “Shady Sam” he is there 24/7 and will sell you such things as lock picks. Lockpicks are impossible to find in oblivion except off of bandit camps and dungeons. The Skeleton Key is an unbreakable lockpick that increases your Security skill by 40 pts whenever the key is in your possession. You can receive this key by completing Nocturnal’s Daedric quest.

Last night while doing the Shivering Isles quest in Split called the Great Divide, I entered a house to kill one NPC and all other NPC’s were a little ways off. I was in the house for like 2 minutes and after I killed the NPC and exited 3 of the NPC’s were somehow magically near puddlejump camp. Saving and reloading several times I could sometimes get close to their location, but no matter what someone would die and I would fail the quest.

Common locations Buy from Aurelinwae or Calindil in the Mystic Emporium, Imperial City Market District. Most Mages Guild Halls will have at least one grand soul gem for sale. These may also be pickpocketed from the merchant. 4 gems can be obtained via the quest “Sins of the Father,” but they are not empty. If you talk to Countess Arriana Valga in Castle Chorrol she will claim to be in the middle of an investigation. If her disposition is 50 or better she will ask you to help, otherwise she will brush you off.

When you are level 10 do Nocturnals Daedric Quest for the Skeleton Key. You can get lockpicks from any of the Fences you have access to. The Thieves Guild fence Tonilia carries around thirty picks for sale. Although if you’re Level 10 or higher I’d recommend the Skeleton Key; go North of Leyawiin and look for Nocturnal’s Shrine. Do the quests and you’ll end up with the unbreakable lockpick.

You will get a message saying you can’t do that. You have to have more arrows than lockpicks to do this. You can also use a glitch to get tons of lockpicks.

On top of that, as I mentioned earlier, you character’s skill does matter in terms of lockpicking or pretty much any other skill related features in Oblivion. It’s a combined mix with both your actual ability to pick a lock, and your character’s skill. You don’t want to be bothered with this?