The holiday season continues to bless retail store owners across the country. Every year, when the winter holiday season gets closer, people start preparing to hit their local shops. The shops that beautify their premises and create a “holiday feeling” in and outside their stores attract the most attention. 

In 2021, holiday season sales increased by 16.1% compared to 2020. 2022 and the years ahead are set to rake in even more sales for retail store owners. However, store owners must prepare to impress these incoming flocks of shoppers in advance. That means beautifying their stores, counters, and their outdoor spaces.

Thankfully, with retractable banner standsstore owners have a relatively easy solution. These light, customizable, and easy-to-use banner stands can be set up anywhere. As long as their designs and graphics have the “holiday feel,” they’ll attract several shoppers. Here’s how store owners can use retractable banners to beautify their stores for the upcoming holiday season.

Set Up Seasonal Storefront Displays

Shopping in the holiday season should feel like a pleasant experience. Storeowners can give their shoppers high-quality shopping experiences long before they even enter the stores. How? By placing eye-catching retractable banners outside their stores.

Custom-print striking seasonal graphics and designs on the banners. Then, set up the retractable banners right outside your store’s doors. The banners will entice potential customers to at least stare at your store or read your store’s name.  Once you get their attention – converting them into shoppers becomes easier.

Create Safe Spaces and Sections Inside Your Store

No brick-and-mortar store should feel crowded or unsafe during the holiday season. Unfortunately, many do. Many storeowners are unable to manage crowds during the busy holiday shopping season.

They must make their customers and employees feel safe by creating safe and separate sections inside their stores. Just place a few retractable banner-stands in different regions across the store. Give shoppers navigational directions via these banners.

Set Up Point of Sale Displays

Most retail store owners introduce new products, offers, or deals during the holiday season. Share these details with every shopper who buys from the store during the holiday season. 

  • Set up retractable banners right next to your store’s payment counters. 
  • Make sure these displays feature your marketing messages in big and bold letters. 
  • Also, print eye-catching graphics on these banner stands. 
  • Make your retractable banners impossible to avoid for any shopper who is checking out of the store.

Point of sale banners are hugely effective because of the time at which shoppers see them. Most shoppers have their wallets/purses out at the payment counters. If they see exciting deals/offers while checking out, they’re likely to splash the cash on the spot.

Create Festive Backdrops

Make your shoppers take selfies in your store by setting up cheerful and festive displays using retractable banners. Custom print traditional holiday photos on your banners. Then, encourage shoppers to take their selfies in front of these banners. 

Invest in high-quality retractable banners now. Make your brick-and-mortar store the ultimate place to create holiday memories for your shoppers.