There will be a book on the table that explains where the Travel Medallion is. Next, players will need to get through Lomei Labyrinth to retrieve their prize. The chest for the medallion is straight back from where Link fell, past the first chest with the torches beside it. Players can also get the Diamond Circlet headpiece here in the first chest. However, once the chest is opened, some of the deactivated guardians lying around will awaken. There are a few options to make it out of the encounter.

From that point on, you can warp back to the spot you created from anywhere else as you would for Shrines. The treasure chest (marked with an “EX”) containing the Travel Medallion is on the side of the room opposite the updraft, sitting against the wall. Go to the Trials of the Sword, and as soon as you get in warp to the incomplete Divine Beast.

Also in the Akkala region, the medallion is in the labyrinth that’s just off the cliff near Robbie’s lab. There’s a shrine in there you might have already completed, and if you have, you can simply fast-travel there. As the game mentions, what does crawfish taste like you can only use one it in one location at a time. Though towards the end of your adventures your map is probably littered with fast travel points, we suspect this will come in handy for any material grinding spots you might have.

The best way out of this is to run for cover behind the dead guardians, but remember that you can deflect their lasers back at them with a well-timed shield parry. You’re heading not just into the heart of the labyrinth, but right next to the shrine in there. If you’ve beaten the Trial of the Labyrinth, you can warp right there. You’re going to want to select the quest that reads “Teleportation Rumors” and follow the objective marker that leads you to the South Akkala Stable.

Third, you’ll need the Travel Medallion in order to warp to the spawn of whatever particular item has caught your fancy. The Korok Mask is also hidden in a treasure chest somewhere in the world. While wearing this mask, it shakes whenever Link is near a hidden Korok location.

This is one of the harder items to find in the game so it can easily be missed. Check out this guide to find out Where To Find Ravio’s Hood In Zelda Breath Of The Wild. Outside of the Shrine, there is a hole in the ground that has a gust of wind shooting up. Drop down that hole and use your glider near the bottom to make sure you take no damage. At the bottom there are a lot of stationary Guardians that will shoot at you, run or deal with them, your call.

Then there’s Midna’s helmet, which has seven defence points, and the ability guardian resist up. And finally, the Korok mask, which will shake whenever you are near a Korok seed. Another important item in the Breath Of The Wild DLC is the Travel Medallion. This will let you set a point that you can return to anytime you want. Check out this guide to find out Where To Find The Travel Medallion In Zelda Breath Of The Wild. A Weapons and Armor index with a breakdown of the best melee weapons, bows and armor sets.

Link can either run back to the wind-gusted hole, fight the guardians, or fast travel away. The easiest option is to pick a point to fast travel to, but players that want a challenge can stay and fight. Breath of the Wild is already pretty stacked with fast-travel locations, as you can instantly skip to any shrine or tower you’ve already visited. But, there are some tricky places it would be handy to teleport to, and that’s where the travel medallion comes in, allowing you to set up a fast travel point wherever you want. Personally, I popped it right outside Calamity Ganon’s room in Hyrule Castle, so I could go back and smash his face in whenever I wanted.