In every job hirings, personality and skills are everything. But job applicants often overlook the importance of their soft skills and personality. Showing a side of yourself is very important in making a first impression. But you will not be able to land a job interview without a good resume, so you must first submit a well-written resume. Writing a good-quality resume is very important since this is your key to getting noticed by your hiring managers. If you are not confident yet in writing one, you can look for examples of resumes to have a guide. Let’s say that you have already landed a job interview. No matter how skillful you are, you will lose the competition if you cannot present yourself well. So here are tips on how to appear confident and get on the good side of your employers during job interviews.

Dress accordingly

The way you dress plays a huge role in how you present yourself. Wearing the right attire can help you boost your confidence. Check the company’s dress code to see whether the dress code is formal or business casual. If you can’t find the information or you are unsure, always go for the formal. While at it, do not forget to fix your hair and makeup. Put your hair up to keep your hair away from your face. Put on light makeup. It is very important that you do not wear heavy makeup. Just enough for you to have some color on your face while covering the blemishes. If you are a guy, use some hair gel and style your hair.

Listen actively

It is normal to get nervous, but you must listen actively in order to be able to answer the questions properly. Do not think too much about how nervous you are. That will only make you even more nervous. Listen well. The more engaged you are in the conversation, the more confident you will be that you understand the topic. 

Fix your breathing

If you are getting too nervous about the interview, fix your breathing first. This will help you calm down. Pay attention to your breathing technique. The more shallow and short your breaths are, the tenser your muscles will get. If you are the type, who gets nervous easily, then practice the correct breathing technique days before the interview. 


Practice your answers. You can practice your answers by first researching the position. By doing so, you can anticipate the questions and prepare the points of your answer. You can always practice the common questions. Though they won’t always appear in the interview, they are called common interview questions for a reason. Practice in front of the mirror so that you can check your stance and notice your bad habits so you can improve them. During the interview, do not forget to make eye contact, nod, smile, and lean in a bit. Show that you are listening and interested using your body language. Your body language has a big contribution to the way you present yourself. Having open body language will make you look more confident. Showing that you are actively listening also shows that you are not nervous. 

Respond carefully

When answering the questions, do not forget to respond carefully. Think about your answer thoroughly. A deep thought with good sense is better than a lengthy one with a lot of complex words. When responding, do not forget to talk at a moderate pace. Do not talk too quickly or slowly. You can slow down your pace when you are highlighting an idea. Make sure that your voice is well modulated, you are pronouncing the words clearly, and your pace is right. 

It is very important to be confident since employers want confident and assertive employees. If you have low self-esteem, work on how you talk and present yourself way before the interview. Talking at the correct pace while showing open body language and a good stance is a key to appearing confident.