Boss will mark two players with a circular AoE with a safe area in the middle. All players should stack up to avoid taking damage. Anti-Naga formPetrifaction is a gaze attack that will cause 10 seconds of Petrification unless you are looking away from the boss. Stuns the tank and follows up with a high damage attack. You can also purchase these upgrades with Centurio Seals, but that’s not recommended at all.

In the first phase of the final boss, the ice and fire AoEs always appear in the same spots. Get familiar with where they will appear for a head start on dodging them. When the final boss is about to cast Universal Manipulation, the portals will already be present. Watch out not to enter them too early, but stand near one so that people know which one you will use. This should help prevent the dreaded ‘two girls one portal’ scenario.

With multiple factions and their ambitions set on a collision course, your mission promises to be fraught with danger and uncertainty both. I recommend this step after you’ve gone through Alexander Normal as it is a bit more difficult, but you can actually do this much earlier. At this point, we’re going to go Primal Hunting. In Mor Dhona, you can begin quests to unlock Bismarck and Ravana fights. Each Primal will drop a weapon that the party lots on as normal, but also a token that goes directly into your inventory every time you are victorious. 10 of these tokens can be exchanged for one weapon in Idyllshire.

These two Ascians will fight together, but only one of them will be on the field at the time. Lahabrea and Igeoyorhm will switch places on the battlefield when either of them reaches 50 percent health. Get them both to half health to move into the next phase of this fight. The first boss of the dungeon is Regula van Hydrus. This boss is pretty straightforward; let’s go over his attacks and mechanics. Throughout this dungeon, you will face three bosses, separated by groups of trash enemies.

Since it could be ran both, level 59 and 60 players, a level 59 tank in leveling gear was having insanely hard time of keeping any sort of enmity against the way overgeared level 60 dps. While in this one everyone is on 60, since it’s the last main story dungeon it is to be assumed a new player would have what does ilomilo mean not much better gear. And if the new player was tank , it’d just be bad times. At around 30%, the boss attaches orbs to all players. The orbs will follow their tethered players, and damage and apply a debuff if they hit. If a player pops another player’s orb, they take the damage, but not the debuff.

The Aetherochemical Research Facility is a level 60 dungeon introduced in patch 3.0with Heavensward.

Enter the Void Portals during Universal Manipulation to avoid being hit. The boss will drop multiple puddle AoEs on the arena – avoid as necessary. The first phase is a fight that begins with fighting Igeyorhm until 50%, followed by Lahabrea until 50%.