The headlights on the Silverado usually demonstrate this practice. It’s time to turn on the truck to test if the high beam stays on while the low beam is on. When you turn the switch on, both lights should stay on together.

Attach the negative wire to the panel and now, try to turn on the high beams. If you have done the grounding correctly, your low beams will not turn off. Using your headlight on your Silverado in the nighttime means keeping the low beams on by default.

There are no other proper guides to show you a step by step process of making low beams stay on with high beams on Silverado. In this article, we will show you the process but first, let’s understand the basics. When my head lights are off then the daytime running lights are on along with the halo lights. Finally got around amber sceats double coin necklace to doing the $1.98 high and low beam headlight mod on my 2003 Silverado. Now when I turn on my high beams the low beams are on too and when I put them on dim just the low beams are on. Many of the same problems that can cause headlights to stop working altogether can also cause just low or high beams to malfunction.

In really dense fog, use front fog lights in addition to your low-beams if you have them. It is illegal if you flash or use high beam headlights within 500 feet (0.15 km) of the oncoming vehicle . In the case that oncoming drivers refuse to dim their headlights, you have to keep your eyes on the right edge of the road ahead. Since I just installed some fog lights on my truck I dug it back up to refresh my memory on how to hook everything up to my high beams. Last time I looked they were wanting something like a hundred bucks for what ever it is to make the conversion.

When there is a long straight road ahead, a high beam can be used after a few intervals to ensure that road is clear. On Silverado, the headlights configurations are a bit odd. In this article, we are going to discuss everything that you are obliged to know about how to wire high and low beams together.