How have you decorated your house? Is it bold, modern, conventional, formal, or relaxed? Irrespective of your choice of décor, it is necessary for your living room to be a place that makes you feel comfortable so that you can spend a good time with your family and friends. There is always a way in which you can decorate a room so that it has the correct aesthetics. 

If you are planning to re-do the décor of your living room, you can make use of some of the essential tips that are discussed in this article:

1. Blend the dark and the light

If your living room is entirely bright and white, it might appear to be very unapproachable and clean. If the room is very dark, it can feel similar to a cave. But blending in the light and dark shades can develop a dynamic look that comes with a certain balance and depth. The space design can benefit from adding minimal black and white elements. 

2. You can contrast the neutrals

Other than adding some black and white material, you can decorate your living room using a blend of contrasting neutrals that can make the room feel welcoming and rich. For instance, your room can have white walls, brass hardware, caramel leather, blue-grey cabinets, and a grey sofa, highlighting the varied undertones and finishes. It can provide the feel of a rich palette before other key aspects, like texture, pattern, and color. 

3. Experiment with the texture

When you are decorating your living room, there is a chance that you overlook the texture. However, it is necessary to make your living room appear cozy, which is applicable for the plush textured, which appeals to the harder textures and touch that can add the contrast. You can add elements like metal, leather, stone, plant life, glass, and other textures you want. The pillows are an amazing place for you to start experimenting when you want to decorate your living room within a budget. You can also check out other furnishings and accessories for adding brand new materials to the palette in small fractions. 

4. Get some woodwork done

It isn’t easy to talk about texture without focusing on wood. It is one of the best materials that will add a sense of warmth to your living room. You will have many ways to add wood to make the entire space appear slightly welcoming. If you want you can also consider the side tables, wall paneling, picture frames, moveable stools, carved pieces, and sofa legs if you want. 

5. Blend up the upholstery

Today, the majority of furniture stores will give you the scope to buy a complete living room set that will match the upholstery. It doesn’t mean you must opt-in for it. When it comes to formal seating space, when you match the upholstery, it can provide a sense of order and maturity. In case, you want your living room to feel cozy, you can match the upholstered pieces to offer the design more personality. You can get this done by blending leather chairs with the fabric sofa, which will create a contrast between the materials. It will provide the living room space with ample diversity and allow your family members to choose to cater to their seating preference. 

6. You can select a TV stand for the living room

Most homeowners have to figure out how you arrange the TV and the space around it in your living room.  It’s a challenging decision. But if you delve deep, you will come across interesting options here. For most people, the TV stand is an essential investment because it adds refined aesthetics to your living room. Today, multiple types of TV stands are available online. All you need to do is browse through the designs and check the one that caters to your home décor theme. You can assess the space where you wish to place the TV stand and decide on the size. It would help if you didn’t choose a TV stand that is very big and has an overwhelming impact on the entire room décor. Select a TV stand that is a blend of function and pleasing aesthetics. To know more about this, you can check out

7. You can select the practical fabrics

When you think about the upholstery, you must ensure that your living room seating is durable and comfortable. You could have small kids, babies, and pets, and they might be very tidy or messy. Usually, the mid-tone fabrics are the best since the extremely dark and light shades can wear out and get soiled. 

Leather is a perfect material for averting stains; you can easily wipe it when there is a spillage. But it generally tends to get more scratched compared to other fabrics. Therefore, the leather which comes with a pattern or broken-in look will age gracefully. 

Corduroy and denim are two materials which are welcoming. Additionally, they can add an unanticipated twist compared to the other wool and cotton upholstery you find in the stores. When you are selecting a fabric from the living room furniture, you can search for a material using a mix of synthetic and natural fabrics for practical reasons. You can you consider a bend test of the fabric swatch to ensure that the weave is tight and doesn’t expose the backing material. If you have a tight weave, it will be increasingly durable in comparison to the loose one, irrespective of the material. 

8. Add a splash of color

Even though you can develop a scenic space without any vibrant colors, you can add some color to the living room that will enable you to create a welcoming and relaxed ambiance. For instance, if you want, you can opt-in for the cheerful blue as everyone tends to like it. It can contrast the warm elements perfectly for instance, the wood and leather, and it feels natural for working with any other accent colors. 

9. You can add a patterned rug

A pattern is a potent tool for design. It infuses the living room with a gush of energy and reduces the appearance of any wear and tear or stain. Also, when you have a patterned rug, it not only enhances the look of the floor but also simultaneously anchors the seating space and gives the entire room a certain sense of life. Even if you possess a carpet, you can think about adding a rug to the entire seating space. And the first time you roll this to reach out to the cleaners after an enormous spill, you will be happy to have it there. 

10. Select moveable stools and tables

The lightweight stools, tables, ottomans, and side chairs which you can move around can make your living room very comfortable. It will provide you as well as your family with several choices on a daily basis for placing the feet up, seating the extra guest, and setting the drink down. You can use a few small pieces, for instance, the upholstered footstools to enable the pieces to move farther and closer to your primary seating. 

11. You should opt-in for the conversational distances

Irrespective of how spacious your living room is, you will always have a limit about the vastness of the seating group. It does make sense for intimate conversation and ample cozy gatherings. The probable distance between the seats for facilitating a conversation is close to 8 feet, which means that if you have many sofas and side chairs, the seating space must possess a diameter of 4 feet and 8 feet right from the center. That aside, a large 12-seat sectional sofa can appear great and is best for a party. However, if you want to create a comfortable living room space, the best idea is to make use of a few, small seating pieces and push it a little closer together. It brings in a sense of softness to the look of the living room. 

Last but not least, you shouldn’t take it all very seriously. When you think about the apt order, it will indicate that anything that is out of place can come up akin to a sore thumb. On the other hand, if there is a slightly controlled chaos it would indicate the occasionally dropped toy or your draped blanket will appear that it’s close to home. The living room is a good space for embracing a thoughtful disorder, which can include mix-and-match throw pillows, an artistic gallery wall, the open storage baskets, and also fun-loving furniture, which can be anything like the tepee-inspired tent. 

These are some of the essential elements that you must consider when you are decorating your living room. It will provide you with a perspective and ensure that your living room has all the elements that blend function and good form. You can choose the hacks that you feel will work for you and implement them based on their feasibility.