Katsuki is surprised to study that Tomura isn’t the precise leader and taunts him for it. Tomura orders Compress and Kurogiri to restrain Katsuki once more and the young student worries that Kurogiri is too alien invaders nationstates fast for him to fight. Surprisingly, Izuku doesn’t escape; instead, he rushes again to help Katsuki.

His first day again, he’s instantly met by Eijiro and Hanta hysterically laughing and making fun of his new haircut. Embarrassed, Katsuki calls for that they stop, telling them that his hair had gotten used to its new type and he couldn’t get it to return to its earlier style. Katsuki threatens them, but they simply continue laughing, telling them that they’d prefer to see him attempt to calling him “fairly boy”.

On I-Island, Katsuki and Eijiro participated in the Villain attraction, by which the former reached first place at fifteen seconds. However, Katsuki notices Izuku and several other of his classmates watching from the stands, and, naturally irritated, blasts himself over to Izuku and yells, making a scene. Izuku himself then participates within the game, scoring second place at sixteen seconds, annoying Katsuki as his classmates praise Izuku’s skills. He is additional pissed off when he sees that Shoto took his spot at fourteen seconds, and angrily interrogates him. Tenya, Eijiro and Izuku arrive to restrain Katsuki earlier than the scenario could escalate, the category president yelling that they can’t misrepresent U.A.

Like the remainder of his peers, Katsuki overheard Shoto Todoroki challenging Izuku. Katsuki takes exception to this because he feels as if Shoto is declaring warfare on the wrong person. In disbelief at his loss, Katsuki begins to panic and hyperventilate at the concept of shedding to Izuku for once. He is quickly calmed and consoled by All Might, who tells Katsuki that it does not matter whether he gained or lost, however that he takes a look back to reflect on his experience and be taught from it. All Might leads Katsuki back to the monitoring room with the rest of the class where they critique the match.

The remainder of the category quickly appear, with Shoto and Creati restraining Dictator, while the civilians run off. Deku asks his classmates why they’re right here, insisting that he is fine, leading Dynamight to mockingly say it’s good to hear to earlier than asking if he is nonetheless smiling now. Deku responds saying that if he is to smile, he needs to maintain transferring forward, and demands everybody to get out of his means. Dynamight retorts that he should make them, calling him an “All Might wannabe,” as the remainder of the class stand beside him to stop Deku. Class 1-A manage to trace down Deku in Kamino, where a villain generally recognized as Dictator had been participating him in battle, utilizing his Quirk Despot to manage a military of civilians to dogpile him.

Katsuki wants to defeat Kurogiri and cut off the villains’ escape route while Eijiro needs to save lots of his classmates. Back in the monitor room, All Might declares Tenya the MVP of the train and asks the class why. Momo Yaoyorozu feedback that Katsuki acted beneath a grudge and that his attack was far too foolish for the exercise, to which All Might agrees while Katsuki sulks. Katsuki watches the subsequent match between Team B and Team I. He is visibly shocked by Shoto Todoroki’s unbelievable Quirk and begins to wonder if he actually is the most effective after seeing that amazing energy. Katsuki tries to attack Izuku once more, however he’s countered and slammed to the bottom by the latter. Izuku reveals to the shocked Katsuki that the identical notebook Katsuki previously burned and threw out had notes about Katsuki’s strikes together with other heroes, which he memorized and knew ways to counter them.