Amazon Attribution

Customers are becoming familiar with products and interacting with brands across different touchpoints like never before. If you are an Amazon seller, then you will realize that some of these touchpoints are not directly on Amazon but rather on other platforms such as Google and Facebook. 

Each touchpoint is crucial when it comes to understanding the entire customer journey and determining which channels are the most effective. This is where the idea of Amazon attribution came about.

What is Amazon attribution?

Amazon attribution is a tool used for analytic measurements and advertising. Its main objective is to give marketers insights into the effect of their non-Amazon channels on a customer purchase journey as well as their sales and overall performance on Amazon. These channels include video, social, search, email marketing and display.

With all these insights, a seller is able to know all the touchpoints that helped attracts customers to purchase his or her products. These insights also help sellers to come up with ways to scale their businesses on Amazon by developing a perfect strategy for all their channels.

What can you track using Amazon Attribution?

Amazon attrition tool can be used to track a wide range of metrics that offer sellers data on their e-commerce sales. These metrics include:

  • Click-through rates
  • Impressions
  • Add to cart
  • Purchase rate
  • Detailed page views
  • Total sales amounts

How does Amazon Attribution work?

If you have ever used sponsored ads or sponsored brands, you definitely know how important it is to keep track of your ad campaigns to ensure that your ads are bringing results. As such, you depend on data analysis obtained from Amazon to make decisions with regard to keyword optimization, bids and overall budget.

In like manner, you will require performance data of the ad campaign that you are running on other channels like Google and Amazon. It was tracking off-Amazon campaigns has always been a challenge until the idea of Amazon attribution was introduced.

This tool works in a way that can help sellers get the following details without much struggle. They include:

  • Measure: When you run campaign ads on your Amazon product on other channels other than Amazon, it is important to measure your sales to know which channels are bringing in more traffic. For example, in case you have run an ad campaign outside Amazon and made more than 200 sales within a month. Assuming 100 products were sold through PPC sponsored ads. You will wonder where the rest of the traffic came from. With the Amazon attribution tool, you are able to understand where the other 100 customers came from.
  • Planning: With this advertising tool, you are able to learn what type of messaging and imagery your target audience best responds to. This will help you improve your marketing strategy and future ad campaigns.
  • Optimize: With the help of Amazon attribution, marketers can easily optimize different strategies in order to increase the campaign performance of their ads. This will help you focus only on ads that are profitable to your business.

Features of Amazon attribution

Amazon Attribution is not all about URL tracking. The tool has several other features that sellers can use to acquire more data from ad campaigns.

Below are 4 primary features you can try as a seller:

  • Full-funnel Amazon Analytics: You can use this feature to significantly increase the number of sales funnel data. It also gets rid of the vail from other analytics like who clicked on a link, how customers interact with products and how many times customers bought or attempted to buy your products.
  • Individual tracking for every ad channel: This feature gives you an opportunity to develop individual tags for each marketing platform.
  • On-demand Amazon conversion metrics: With Amazon Attribution, you are able to see real-time campaign performance. Rea-time reports are great for quicker optimization of marketing campaigns.
  • Consumer insights: This feature provides several metric data. This helps you have a clear understanding of how consumers behave and act as soon as you attract them to your Amazon products.

In general, Amazon Attribution has become a popular way of determining the effectiveness of campaign ads outside Amazon. Working with an Amazon agency that uses this tool can make your work easier by identifying which marketing strategies are more effective than others.