With the advancements in science and technology, our education system has evolved a lot. With the better flexibility, convenience, and comfort provided, students prefer online teaching more. For additional help and coaching too, students prefer online courses. Among the various academic subjects, mathematics is an important one for students. 

From the students of all age groups, we hear them finding maths difficult. It is a subject full of facts, figures, and applications, and to understand it well students take maths online coaching. Let us discuss some tips that online educators can follow to teach maths effectively to students. 

Tips for teachers to teach maths effectively online 

1. Use technology to teach 

Maths is a subject full of applications, facts, and figures. Understanding these applicative maths topics from textbooks has become difficult for students. Also, classes seem to be more boring and monotonous. All teachers must not limit their maths teaching to textbooks.

 Using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual graphs, notes, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. This makes classes more interesting and fun too. 

2. Have practice sessions in the classroom 

Maths is not limited to reading the topics and learning the formulas. It is very less theoretical and more application based. Therefore, it is important to make students practice in the class. Along with giving homework, make sure that you make students first practice the questions in the class. First, start with some basic questions. 

Ask students to read the questions carefully, and see what is given in the question and what needs to be found out. Later, tell students to think of a valid formula and calculate it correctly. Once done with the basic and easier questions, make students solve the higher level and complex ones too. This will enhance students’ maths applicative skills effectively. 

3. Provide students with a proper study material

For how to sell courses online effectively, this tip is important for all teachers to follow. Maths is difficult for many students. If they don’t get the right study material, students keep on juggling from one reference guide to another. This leads to more confusion and mistakes. To teach maths effectively online, teachers must design proper study material.

 Research and plan well. Include theorems, written explanations, formula charts, and diagrams for proper understanding. Also, combine questions and solutions for practice. You can also provide students with some audio-visual tools like recorded lectures, educational videos, informative Powerpoint presentations, and more. 

4. Ensure doubt resolution 

Maths is a difficult subject for many students. They are not able to understand the questions properly and face complexity in solving the numerical word problems too. To teach maths effectively and how to sell online courses better, teachers must ensure proper doubt resolution. Once done with teaching a particular topic, allow students to ask doubts one by one. You can tell students to press the hand raise option for doubt resolution. Also, you can provide students with written explanations and solutions via the chat box facility.  

5. Encourage students 

When students find maths complex or make mistakes frequently, they feel discouraged and less interested in this subject. Also, students face more stress, overthinking, self-doubting and unhealthy comparisons. In such times, emotional support from teachers is very important. Tell your students to be patient and not to lose hope. Ask them to keep trying more, be accountable, and give their best. Give students a motivational boost and keep encouraging them. Keep helping them in the best ways possible. 

6. Conduct tests 

Many students have a habit of delaying and procrastinating their learning. But maths is a subject that demands regular effort and concentration. To make students do this, conducting tests is important. For example, once done with two or three lessons, plan for a test. This will keep students consistent and dedicated to maths practice. Keep a track of their scores, see what is the current learning status and what more needs to be done for improvement. 


Maths is a complex academic subject for students. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can teach maths effectively online. This will help teachers to conduct classes that are more understandable and meaningful for students. This will ensure students’ and teachers’ success both.