It’s often used as a laxative but is also a common ingredient in cosmetics. Known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it offers skin benefits such as combating fungi and bacteria and helping to heal wounds. Looking for an old school eyebrow hack to deal with bald patches in your brows? Wet your spoolie brush and rub it against a bar of soap.

If any castor oil gets into your eyes, be sure to flush your eyes out right away to prevent a reaction. Dip a clean mascara wand into the oil and wipe which factor does not impact the complexity of an incident off excess. Sign up for our newsletter to receive your 10% OFF discount code PLUS the latest offers, hair tips, product launches and rewards.

Here’s the answer, your eyebrow hair is made up of keratin protein, and we know that egg is an excellent source of protein! Thus, using egg yolk on your brows can help improve your hair health and ultimately making your eyebrows thick. Pour a small amount of organic castor oil into a clean, dry tube that can accommodate a mascara wand.

Formulations that have to meet the needs of many women demanding results-driven products. Jamaican black castor oil is the dark-colored oil extracted from roasted castor beans. The color comes from the ash of the roasted beans.

Castor oil was originally made for industrial purposes because it doesn’t freeze. This is why you should do a patch test before committing to using it. You should also stick with pure castor oil from a trustworthy company. Some contain preservatives such as grape seed extract that could be irritating and make your hair fall out. Be sure to read the bottle label so you know exactly what you’re putting on your eyebrows and eyelashes. If you don’t know if a company is reputable, a quick search online can get you a lot of answers.

Some of you may also know that I have started pre-writing my blog posts which has been a life saver to staying on schedule. As I’m writing this it’s the first time I’m trying this DIY beauty hack and it’s December the 14th 2016. If you’re a Pinterest user and have sparse eyebrows like me you may have seen that applying castor oil into you brows helps make you look thicker and healthier. This hack is meant to strengthen your brows, make them thicker and promote hair growth. Here’s a picture of my brows before applying the oil for the first time; they’re completely product free and I don’t dye my brows. For many years now, castor oil has been hailed as the wonder ingredient that promotes both eyelash growth and eyebrow growth.