Air Force for another 25 years of service.–Ted A. I tried the link as well and it isn’t working. If I notice it working I’ll send you a PM and it will pop up in your email.

If you choose to not re-enlist in the Coast Guard after your active duty enlistment, you will likely want to take advantage of the GI Bill. The Post-9/11 GI Bill offers former enlisted members of the military up to 36 months of education and schooling benefits for 15 years after they leave enlisted service. This is a huge financial and educational opportunity and can launch your post-military career in the right direction. If you can show up to basic training already being able to meet these basic requirements, it won’t be such a shock to your body.

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If you do not pass your first PT test, you will have to go to special training to try again by week #7. If you don’t pass by week #7, you may be held in boot camp for up to 12 weeks. If you or a family member has enlisted in the Coast Guard, they have volunteered for a unique and special privilege in service to our country. The Coast Guard ensures that our maritime activities remain legal and safe, and they brave the elements to save people in rescue missions.

Women are encouraged to bring three months’ worth of their birth control pills, but they will also still be evaluated by a military doctor. Any illegal drugs or narcotics will be confiscated and may disqualify you immediately. Recruit to qualify as a sharpshooter with the M1 rifle in my 50 man company.

Although it’s not a good thing to be reverted, reversion does not necessarily mean a recruit will be kicked out of boot camp. If a recruit continues to show the command that they cannot meet the standards of the Coast Guard and do not show any improvement, they will, after time, be asked to leave training. The most anticipated week of training, week eight brings the excitement of graduation.

In 11 days, Coast Guard Cutter Adak will be sold to Indonesia, but … Intense and rewarding, AIM will help you to discover whether the Academy experience is truly what you want from college, and whether you have what it takes to succeed. For six non-stop days, you’ll test your mind, body and spirit in every way. Being overweight is the number one reason civilians are disqualified from joining the military, and it’s the only getting worse. That’s the motto of the United States Coast Guard, baby. The Cape May Brewing Company offers $1 off pints for active-duty and retired USCG members, year round.

In week #5, you will receive your assignment and contact your new post to begin preparing for your move there after graduation. You’ll receive in-depth, hands-on training of lines, knots, seamanship, fire prevention, deck maintenance and other aspects of deployment on vessels. You’ll begin learning about your military entitlements in preparation for your first assignment after graduation. While your recruiting officer can fill you in on a lot of the details and answer many of your questions, sometimes it is helpful to also get a quick, basic rundown for what to expect. The following is a comprehensive guide for all you need to know when you arrive at Coast Guard boot camp. Boot camp is slightly different for each branch of the military, so the Coast Guard has its own unique locations, physical requirements and academic training.

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