Longmire, which originally aired on A&E Network, was canceled and then resurrected by Netflix, where it can currently be found. And it was a non smoking hotel, but the minute you walk in you smell smoke because they smoke in the casino. Over all working at the Santa Fe has been a great experience for me. They have a good healthcare plan once you are full time and paid vacations. I work swing shift which is the work horse of the casino pit but the management runs the shift well.

The titular character, played by Robert Taylor, is a hardscrabble Wyoming sheriff living in a rustic cabin in the mountains. The cabin is actually one of the historic homes at harrisburg patriot obituaries the Valles Caldera National Preserve in the Jemez Mountains. During summer months and regular operating capacity, the preserve offers occasional film tours of the caldera.

We have an “open door” policy there and you can talk with management about any problems that arise. They seem to genuinely care and resolve most issues right away. All of this is good in a time of crisis, Buffalo Thunder needs to close. Casino’s attract elderly people with many chronic illness and smokers. The Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza closed its restaurant several days ago.

Friendly staff, very into Covid-19 restrictions. I am a nurse and that is a plus, I stayed at another hotel downtown and they did temperatures, photo ID and people had on mask but you could just tell the difference. The room was very clean actually cleaner than the main ones people go to on the strip… I liked how they have hand sanitizer stations throughout the casino on every floor before you get on the elevator.

Based on the Dorothy B. Hughes book of the same name, this strange noir film features Robert Montgomery as a gruff war veteran searching for vengeance and money. Joan Harrison, who also worked with Alfred Hitchcock, produced the film. Playing Lucky Gagin, Montgomery travels to a fictionalized version of Santa Fe where he crosses a shadowy gangster. He also gets an earful on the meaning of Zozobra and comes face-to-face with Old Man Gloom himself. Many of the scenes in the film feature La Fonda on the Plaza.