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Newton said the teens aren’t old enough to purchase the vape cartridges, but when they broke in they stole 50 of them. “I guess since they came in earlier that day before we had closed, and they were denied one too many times, and decided to retaliate,” Newton said. Recently, the United States and Canada are experiencing a blast in popularity for hookah smoking, especially when it comes to young adults.

The shops are all first time offenders so they are fined $100. If they get caught three times in a 2-year span, their business license maybe taken. Woman Thanks Good Samaritans Who Intervened During Brutal Attack Kristen Weaver A woman was brutally beaten by a homeless man in downtown Tulsa, in broad daylight, and police don’t know why. The victim said she was trying to help the suspect get where he needed to go, before he brutally attacked her in the street. We carry a vast array of vaporizers for all your of smoking needs. The best selection and pricing, guaranteed in Tulsa, OK!

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