They off 100% satisfaction guaranteed until you want to return an item. Then they play this game offering you $5 and you keep, or 50% off next purchase. Then when you just want a refund you have to email pictures of the merchandise, pics of the package you’re sending, pics of the tracking receipt and postal receipt. Not sure if I’ll ever see the refund. Also add limitless fashion store I bought masks beginning of October it’s now December and haven’t gotten them n they don’t like to reply back to me . I’ve also looked up n send similar bad reviews.

Please add Xstudiohub on the list. No phone #, and the e-mail takes you straight to error. I wish I had checked their customer service link before buying, but I got duped by the “glitz and glam” of the site that I assumed it was legit. I was just scammed by a Facebook clothing ad. After I opened a Paypal case they provided a tracking number and send me 1 item. Paypal ruled in favor of them because they provided a tracking number.

I was going to return them, but their return policy is such that it’s impossible to comply with their restrictions … you must return your items within 15 days of your torrent’s reclamation order. It took twice that time to actually arrive on my doorstep. I will be looking for a friend who has a bigger shoe size than me or will donate to Goodwill.

They were random sizes with colors, styles, and prints that I never ordered. These were supposed to be embroidered, but were not. The last shirt I ordered never arrived. Zon so you have to go by their delivery. I always pay with Pay Pal when ordering online, that way they will follow up on it.

You have to return to Guangzhou, China (paying for shipping and possible customfee!!) If you decline to return they will give a 15% refund. I love going to Shoptiques – it’s a conglomerate of small boutiques and it’s filled with cute, quality clothes. I recently ordered from them as well. I too looked for reviews, but couldn’t find any and thought it was just a pop up store so I ordered anyway. I am going to assume that I have been ripped off. The email confirmation said shipping in days.

AveryCouture is one of those companies that takes your money but doesn’t send anything. Meanwhile, when you check your order status, they tell you that the order is still “processing.” Not! I opened a fraud investigation with my credit card issuer last night.

I can’t find a lot of reviews of their clothing. Be extremely wary when it’s really simple to order, with Apple Pay, or even PayPal. Thankfully, I contacted my financial institution, and immediately stopped all pay,wants to PayPal. Paypal stated it would take several weeks to investigate, so I called my bank…and it’s finally over. When or if you ever receive the clothing, which takes up to days, the materials are terrible.

I have to donate 2/3 dresses I ordered. I SHOULD of read the reviews before. I saw the cutest black one sleeved on the shoulder maxi dress on a Facebook ad and decided to buy it. It would have been perfect for a wedding I was going to. I was literally shocked when I cut opened the bag.