If we all used DA Martin, any of the Clear Channel owned radio stations, or the area newspapers to make an opinion of this area, we’d all go nuts. You would find Northwest New Jersey and Lansdale areas as being rather similar to the one you are in now, you went to those places. I dare say, you should perhaps take a little bit further walk out here, and realize there is a lot of folks here who are no longer in the stone age, and you are perhaps passing judgment based on the worst of us, not the best. This is a rapidly changing, growing area, and those who have told you to take part in it’s improvement are doing so because good things are happening here.

They no longer have the feeling that they’re doing something really important, and that their lives depend on it. They sort of feel like they don’t have purpose anymore. A political hit job which NEVER had any chance of succeeding — THIS is how local Lehigh Valley blogger Bernie O’Hare operates and has been operating for quite some time.

Hopefully, we may meet your minimum standards for having a meaningful conversation with you. Because for face value, this blog thread and your follow up remarks definitely scare me. Incidentally, some of us resent the Promenade bc it was built with nonunion labor and illegal immigrants.

The hateful comment you mention is on that troll blog, where many hateful comments from Villa himself are posted. I have deleted none of them bc it would defeat the purpose of a troll blog. It takes some thick skin to live in this area when you make a decent blog.yepp.me scam living for yourself. I was listening to a local radio station the other day (99.9 FM The Hawk) and heard an advertisement for McDonald’s. Well, it’s true that a lot of soldiers, when they return home after a war , have a hard time adjusting to civilian life.

This was not the first time I’ve inadvertently left someone’s name off the annual list, by the way. As I recall, I omitted pioneering blogger/essayist Billy Givens one year, and he was a legitimate contender to appear on the Mount Rushmore of greatest Hall of Famers. I usually just cover broken swings and spend time correcting the lies put out by Mezzacappa. Sports scores, letters to advice columnists, or rehashed versions of stories reported by major news publications, then Lehigh Valley newspapers are here for you. Since April 1, she has been the main subject of four posts, which depict her as a racist, a liar and a Republican who voted for Obama. In two of the posts, which were written before the suit was filed, O’Hare said he is considering legal action against Mezzacappa.

Blogger Bernie O’Hare, Lehigh Valley Ramblings, AKA Game of Thrones character, Lord Varys Sure, he can be an a-hole at times and he’ll tell you that. I don’t always agree with what he writes, but sometimes what he writes has resulted in local news media following up on a story he broke first, often giving him no credit for his work. Most people would agree that bernie is smart, witty, and intelligent. Some people would say that bernie is a great writer, but just remember that our brains are still not fully developed, and the more we learn about ourselves, the more we realize that it’s not the same. The fact that bernie’s post isn’t a perfect example of a perfect example.

I planned on placing this post on Thursday, however a post today by O’Hare caused this earlier response. Since O’Hare and I both accepted Jennings’ invitation, I assumed that he was putting his hostility aside for the show. Less than halfway into the taping he pounced on a word which I had mispronounced. I then noticed that he has a legal pad full of my blog quotes, and notes pertaining to them. He accused me of hosting a hate blog based on a reader comment, which I didn’t reply to.

But other than providing assistance, NATO has been leery to get more involved. We’ve shied away from a no fly zone and even rejected a swap of planes with Poland that would eventually beef up Ukraine’s air force. Given the butchery in Bucha and elsewhere, we need to be more involved. Thanks to show concept support at My Facebook Page, ratings savvy veteran radio broadcaster Bobby Gunther Walsh invited Bill Villa on-air 11 times, listen now at Gunther’s Rewind and enjoy … Public threats to sabotage Sheena Villa’s civil litigation into an eye-opening sharper focus for you, well, we’re sure nothing will, and you might as well stop reading right now.