It has been established that unsafe Internet use among children is likely to occur within the homes . According to a study conducted by Genevieve Marie Johnson , it was found out that children were likely to use Internet more at school than at home. However, they enjoyed using the Internet at home more than at school (Johnson, 2010; Jackson, et al. 2007). Modern children and the adolescents represent the first generation that has grown surrounded by the Internet technology.

Many questioned the harms and benefits a computer would give a child. The fear that many had with computers was that children who relied on these machines would lose their individuality. I believe it’s a good thing that children want to learn more just by watching because it keeps them in tune with modern technology and it becomes a natural “instinct” to learn and catch on easily.

The question of adequate use is also very important here because this same easily accessible tool is also a source of a lot of inappropriate information which may need to be kept away from the kids. Cybercrime, sexual abuse, pornography, fake identities, cyber bullying etc are some issues which the kids need to be protected from. Also being more socialized should not come with the tag of internet addiction. Staying online and chatting with peers all the time is not at all healthy and can not be compared to a class or ground and making friends. Being so much into the phones and completely forgetting about the surroundings is not a good sign.

Children that are more socially engaged are always more aware of how smart they are. The possible outcomes become established, and how the outcomes will become differentiated in the research. The data collection procedures have also been discussed, and survey method will get used in the research.

The internet has made a great effect on the youth by increasing their knowledge . A number of previous studies on the influence of Internet articulate that approximately 99.8% of children and youths utilize either internet technology at home or school. It is added that a large number of children and youths in the modern world are over-dependent on internet (Van Rooij et al., 2011). That is to say, most of their academic, research, killeen internet providers communication, interaction, as well as entertainment activities, is done through internet. The biggest concern in the modern world has been why more children and youths are slowly shifting to the utilization of the internet. Arguably, there is a great measure of data that researchers and other intellectuals have availed online, and the data has helped several individuals, especially children to boost their levels of understanding.