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I use Aloha 6.7, but I have tested this on Aloha 12 and everything worked fine as well. As for gift cards in general, upwards of 50% are never redeemed. It’s almost like a loan you never have to pay back.

Pick a greeting card and send by mail, email, or print at home. Monitor operations and revenues closely with real-time, enterprise-wide reporting capabilities. Integrated tightly with other applications of the NCR solution, such as NCR Aloha Loyalty, providing valuable customer data on customer preferences.

Please note that a restaurant may place a temporary hold on your Card for an extra 20% to account for a tip. If you do not have sufficient funds on your HRC Business Holiday Card to cover the amount of the temporary hold, your transaction may be declined. Each time the Card is used, the transaction amount will be automatically deducted from the Card balance. Spending is limited to the value available on your HRC Business Holiday Card. You may use your Card at restaurants, bars, taverns, nightclubs, and fast food restaurants in Hawai‘i that accept Debit Mastercard® and are classified under Merchant Category Code 5812, 5813 or 5814. In direct support to local food establishments from 203 local businesses.

I actually use the Aloha Gift Certiface Manager that is apart Aloha BackOffice. I have been using this for years with absolutely no problems at all. I pay no one anything monthly and the gift cards work great.

Unlike other “online” reservation services which rely on faxes or table allocations, OpenTable has live Internet connections into the restaurants themselves. So restaurant availability information is up-to-date, and your reservations are confirmed. For more than 20 years, Focus POS Systems has provided restaurant management software to hospitality establishments. Yes, the Card can be used for all food service purchases at restaurants in Hawai‘i. To make a purchase greater than the balance on your card, tell the cashier in advance how much to deduct from your card and provide a second payment method to cover the difference.

Some restaurants are part of a larger corporation that may have a different name than the restaurant name. Other restaurants may choose to do their card processing under a different company name. If you see a transaction that doesn’t match up with any recent purchases, please follow the procedures in the section below. At the time of purchase, swipe your card through the keypad and select “credit” to complete a signature sams club health screening purchase transaction, or select “debit” and enter your PIN to complete a PIN purchase transaction. If you press “credit” and the merchant does not accept Debit Mastercard, your transaction may be declined. Gift cards is a pre-paid stored-value loan card typically released by a seller or financial institution to be made use of as a choice to cash money for acquisitions within a specific shop or relevant services.