The mass of automotive 2 is twice the mass of automobile 1. If each vehicles have the identical velocity, how does the kinetic energy of car 2 examine to automotive 1? Car 2 has four times the kinetic energy. Car 2 has twice the kinetic vitality. Both vehicles have the identical kinetic power.

When are business letters necessary? Sensitivity is inconsequential. Confidentiality is paramount. Intercultural communication is required. A permanent record is required.

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Choose the best reply beneath based on the passage above. He’s an excellent fielder, but he desires to improve his batting common. Currently .200 (or 20%) for the first bedroom mirror decor a part of the season. He practiced so much with a pal and managed to hit 10 out of 20 times that he was as much as bat that season. What are the coordinates for the image of the polygon below?

Unfortunately, an earthquake struck in 1906. Three flooring have been knocked down, and a fireplace collapsed in the room where Sarah slept, trapping her inside. She was satisfied it was the spirits, as a result of they knew she was practically completed constructing.

Please show all the work on how you got your answer. Please present all the work on the way you go[/tex]What are the coordinates for the image of the polygon below? An airplane has an airspeed of 500 kilometers per hour bearing N45°E. The wind velocity is 60… A state college is trying to track data to find out why the number of candidates has decreased.