Series creator Akira Toriyama is heavily involved in the upcoming film project and he encourages fans to look forward to some new surprises. He’s a lunatic that just likes to destroy, and he killed his own father for no good reason at all. Broly was crying, because of Goku’s will overpowering him despite the obvious gap in battle power. Broly basically suffers from inferiority complex in regards to Goku and that’s why he wants to kill him so much to prove that he is the superior of the two.

Still hostile, but not as hostile, and still seeking to kill Goku because he hated him, but no longer so desperate because he now knew his vision didn’t show his death. Would explain how he realised it was him years later and flipped out from the remembered trauma of Goku crying followed by attempted murder of both him and his dmaps com father, so yeah….Broly has issues. Broly is hated by a sizable number of Dragon Ball fans. The villain, who is known as the Legendary Super Saiyan, is one of Goku’s most powerful enemies of all-time. He’s also the only character to serve as the main antagonist in four movies, three of which being non-canon installments.

Unfortunately for him Goku once again finds a way to defeat him, despite the yet again obvious gap in power thanks to a little help from his friends. I Recommend you to read the next question and answer, Namelyis kame ha me ha stronger than final flashwith very accurate answers. Broly, one of Goku’s most dangerous enemies in the Dragon Ball franchise, is hated by a sizable number of fans. Here are top 5 things/people that Vegeta hates.

Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. How the hell does everyone forget that Broly got stabbed in the heart while Goku was crying?

Broly, on the other hand, was crying because he saw into the future as well. But in his vision, he was being destroyed by Goku. Some fans believe that Broly was a slave of his primal Saiyan instincts, and that’s the first reason he despises Goku. No wonder King Vegeta believed that Broly could be a threat.

When goku and broly were babies goku kept broly awake with his crying which made broly cry, and the old saiyan legend says that if someone makes a saiyan baby cry he will hate that person for ever. The reason Broly hates Kakarot is because he link the TRAUMATIC pain and irritation to Kakarot being as he’s the only one he saw at the time. Now you could say there were other babies there as well but Kakarot is the one Broly saw crying, irritating the crap out of Broly causing him to cry. But this is all my idea, it’s my theory but I think it’s a pretty good theory. The reason Broly hates Kakarot is because he link the TRAUMATIC pain and irritation to Kakarot being as he’s the only one he saw at the time. Once you hear the whole thing, it’ll not only make sense, but you’ll see the evidence for it.

Paragus literally says as much before the flashback. The flashback of them crying, by the way, was only meant to serve as a visual metaphor of how Goku affects Broly, not meant to be taken so literally. He felt the whiny brat born in the next crib whine and whine. And more when you can feel their souls/aura/ki. Dragon Ball Guru aims to answer all your queries and questions about the greatest anime show ever! We look at Goku adventures through Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.

This not only gives out heroes enough strength to match the powerful Broly, but it also gives us a new beginning for the merged character of Gogeta that fans have seen in the past. One major similarity between this and the original film is the way Paragus raises Broly. One major difference is the love and admiration Broly has for his father this time around. While Paragus does ultimately bite the bullet like the first film, it doesn’t happen at the hands of his son this time around. Could you chalk it up to him simply being the Legendary Super Saiyan, and therefore he has mysterious powers? Well, maybe but I have a better explanation for it.

He can literally destroy a universe with a punch. Toppo is also a member of the Pride Troopers, just like Jiren. He is powerful enough to get recommended for the God of Destruction position, which means he is a worthy opponent for Broly. Toppo was, however, inferior to Goku and Vegeta during the Tournament of Power. After the Buu saga, with Vegeta accepting Goku’s superiority, he has come to terms with his feelings for him.