Refrain because that’s not the answer to how to get over hurtful words in a relationship. If the fight is over one particular issue and it’s between the two of you, leave the rest out. Hurtful statements pierce through us whether we accept it or not, we may feel like we don’t care anymore, but it’s still hurtful. when you look at a pine or maple tree, the plant you see is a _____. After the fight, we tend not to want to communicate for a while and go into rounds of silent treatment. It is always best to engage in the conversation to clarify the issues raised and the negative words spewed. Practicing forgiveness in a relationship fraught with so much negativity and toxicity isn’t easy.

It’s better to build your life from scratch than to hate yourself because of the one you’re living right now. Deciding to end a marriage is never an easy choice, especially if you have kids. You think that divorcing your spouse would hurt them the most so you choose to stay even though you’re no longer happy.

The more you fire back your volley of hurtful words, the worse things will be. When your spouse says hurtful things, you instantly feel hurt and betrayed. The person you love the most treats you like they don’t care about your feelings. As this realization caves in, it makes you question your whole relationship. You can use many tricks to handle your partner’s hot temper, but sooner or later you’ll get tired, just like I did.

Individual therapy can help you examine your feelings towards your spouse. If your spouse has been saying hurtful things to you for some time, a therapist can also point out possible emotional or verbal abuse. This can be interpreted that a spouse feels like he/she is losing an argument and is using this way to “win” the other spouse. No doubt, this is never a legitimate reason to use hurtful words.

If the issues are not resolved it might lead to far greater consequences like you both breaking up. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, while your husband may have reasons to be annoyed with you, he has no reason to disrespect you. These are statements by women who are tired of the repetitive disrespect they get from their husbands and just want to live a happier life. If your husband is wired in a way to hold in a lot of his feelings, when they do finally come out, it could be like a volcano erupting. A husband, on the other hand, can be uncomfortable with opening up. The thought of pouring out their internal worries or anxious feelings is foreign to them.

While doing this, don’t try to explain away your actions or make excuses for yourself. Admit, straight up, that those were some hurtful things to say to them. Follow these steps to fix your relationship after saying hurtful things. The tendency to say this to your partner creeps in when doubts about the relationship begin to grow in your mind. This could be the result of fights or other circumstances that come up as time passes. This is another hurtful blanket statement you shouldn’t use on your partner.