If you experience Virtual Families 2 not updating it could be for a number of reasons. To begin with you should check that you are correctly logged into your Google Play account, and that you have enough space on your device to accept any game updates. Also check the official social feeds of Virtual Families to see if anything has been announced about a problematic update. In Virtual Families 2 on Android you will need plenty of cash if you want your family to have a lifestyle of luxury. Click here to find out about a cheat that can get you a lot of money instantaneously. Keep changing the date on your device, visiting and closing the game as you go.

To make this ghost girl disappear, you will need a doll toy. Make your person work on their career, praise them 3 times, they will run away so pick them up and make them work on their career again. Do this three times, then go out of the game and into settings-general-Date and time, and then go ahead in time 5 hours. You will receive the money they earn the in that time and they will most of the time get promoted so you earn more money everything you do this. Make sure you feed your person every time you do this though because otherwise they can die of starvation. Sometimes it doesn’t work when you switch the time to night but you can just reset the time and go again.

Which can generate unlimited free Money as well as boosters for your game account instantly. Here’s my problem, my people won’t have more kids. I am in the second generation, and with this age difference, my 1st generation had 4 kids, the…

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This means you must violently drag your person to their computer. You bought him a magazine that’s not related to his career. If he worked in the workshop it would make sense, but you need to get him something that helps him bill and marsha burns progress HIS CURRENT career, not a random one. How do I stop my characters being extremely weak? I tried to make them sleep, eat, even gave them multivitamins, but nothing work. The salaries are different for every career.