The exchanges continue until the horn ends a wild first round. MMA Junkie scores the round 10-9 for Chimaev. Round 1 – Sterling opens with a nice kick to the body. Two outside leg kicks land for Sterling before his first takedown attempt of the fight is sprawled by Yan.

There was a clash of heads during the moment, too. Volkanovski slaps with a leg kick. Jung offers punches in return but Volkanovski fires back, and gets the better of the exchange. final fantasy 12 international english iso The champ gets the better of another exchange of punches. Jung finds himself on the receiving end of another hard two-punch combination from Volkanovski, and possibly wobbled.

Pichel leads the action now and fires off a series of punches that land cleanly on Madsen. Pichel then shoots for a takedown and gets Madsen to the mat. He looks to land a few ground and pound strikes before the horn sounds.

Nogueira unloads another heavy salvo to close the frame. Cummins presses in for another takedown. He takes what looks like only a minor punch but is bleeding badly from the nose. Cummins’ face is a complete mess despite it not looking like he has taken that many shots.

Another takedown for Cummins, Feijao pops back up and they split. Feijao just misses with a right, eats one from Durkin. Stiff jab and overhand from Feijao. Cummins’ eye is swollen and he eats another right.

Pennington is able to get Ladd off her back, but the clinch and the fight for position continues against the cage. They separate in the final few seconds and trade punches until the final horn. MMA Junkie scores the final round 10-9 for Ladd, but the fight goes to Pennington 29-28. Struve lands a few kicks from distance. Nogueira moves in and gets a takedown, but Struve gets right back up. Struve lands a few solid punches and then some leg kicks.

Burns lands a nice jab that is answered by Chimaev. Single punches from Chimaev land cleanly. Burns grabs a single leg takedown and sticks with it for a moment, but ultimately Chimaev shakes it off. Burns appears fatigued now and Chimaev starts to pour on the strikes.