Hose it down to remove any extra dirt and debris. It’s also best to oil the parts with a bit of lubricant to prevent rust and corrosion while it’s not in use. Wearing the right protective gear and following the safety precautions that come with your equipment is vital when you use any kind of string trimmer or edger.

This method is convenient if you have no much space in your garage and implies creating a horizontal cradle for your unit. As I have already said, only the proper maintenance can secure that your unit will be prepared for the new season well. Maintaining your trimmer regularly will make it last longer and run better. Follow these basic rules of maintenance, along with what’s on your user manual, and you’ll have less headaches in the long run. Always check your manual to see what the manufacturer’s thoughts are on maintenance.

If you’ve ever stored elastic tie-down cords in a bag or box, you know how quickly they can become entangled. To keep them tidy, take the advice of Club member Don Harris of Woodstock, Georgia, and build this simple organizer from dill weed in spanish scrap plywood. Just measure the lengths of the cords and cut varying stepped increments to accommodate. Also, be sure not to underestimate those high spaces, your ceiling included, to take advantage of all surface square footage.

Weed Eater’s big handle makes it easy to hang using a garage storage mounting bracket. If you have a gas powered unit, the wise decision is to empty the fuel tank before hanging it for the winter. Otherwise, if you have an electric trimmer, checking the spark plugs is a mandatory job.

The ramps fit in the shed just fine after what I did. Put a hinge on the cut offs and fold it to fit in your shed. Make this custom garage organizer with pegboard and inexpensive shelving. Easy to do with the tutorial via anyonecandecorate. Make a quick and easy ball storage spot like this with some pieces of wood and some ropes.

A long overhead shelf completes the look for items that are not as often used. You can drop a lot of cash on garage storage systems. Shelves, tool racks, special hooks, and other odds and ends can really add up. Our homemade system gives you the versatility of those store-bought systems without the big price tag.

Check it for any damage and protect it from corrosion. If necessary you can take your metal cutting blades to your STIHL Approved Dealer for sharpening. If the spark plug electrodes are a light reddish brown, then it’s OK. If not, the spark plugs may need to be cleaned or replaced.

There are a few options to store your weed eater, but it seems that two of them are the most practical for most people. If it’s a little grimy you can usually clean it with gasoline and a toothbrush or small wire brush. Part of the reason for this is the use of ethanol-free fuel in commercial premixes.

We’ve already mentioned that you should hang your weed eater on the wall; this is primarily for safety and to keep your workshop tidy! But, despite that, it’s best to hang it for a good reason, not only out of vanity. You should add a fuel stabilizer to your weed eater’s tank if you plan to leave it for the winter.