What you need is a string trimmer, or weed wacker, or wait…maybe it’s a brush cutter? ABrush Cutterserves a similar purpose, although, depending on the type of vegetation you need to cut, can be a much more powerful tool. It uses a whirling monofilament line instead of a blade, which protrudes from a rotating spindle at the end of a long shaft topped by a gasoline engine or electric motor. String trimmers are lighter, easier to use, and less durable than brush cutters. As the name suggests, they use a nylon or monofilament string mechanism to do the cutting, unlike the metal blades inside a brush cutter. Depending on the layout of your yard and the type of foliage you’re up against, a string cutter can be a great addition to your toolshed.

String trimmers are highly lightweight and very simple to use. Even a newcomer will be able to figure things out for the first time. Automatic feeds are obviously the most convenient, but fixed heads have fewer moving parts, which makes them potentially more durable. Transform your weed trimmer into a Beast with the BadgerHead™. The blades are replaceable and come in different shapes and sizes to do different tasks. Less powerful models are lighter and hence easier to maneuver.

Generally, electric-powered string strimmer’s are cheaper than gas-powered, and these often need less maintenance. They are great for people who have small yards and only need to cut through grass and weeds. There are a wide variety of string trimmers available on the market, and these are either powered using a rechargeable battery or an electric cord. Which you choose will likely come down to personal preferences and the size of your yard. Weed eater and Bladed trimmer are great garden tools that help to trimmer grass, remove small weeds and groundcover. Weed eater is made up of a monofilament line in a horizontal manner.

They are very lightweight and used for trimming off weeds and grass. Weed Wacker comes in varieties of model, some are cordless battery powered, some use gasoline and some electricity. The major advance of owning a good string trimmer is that they can do some work which even land mower can’t. If you’re able to put a screw-on head on your electric or cordless trimmer, it’s important to choose a light-duty model. Heavy-duty replacement heads put a lot of stress on the weed eater’s motor and may shorten the weed eater’s lifespan.

If you get a string trimmer and prefer to use gas, then there are different types of gas-powered string trimmers you can get. If you want to maintain an already existing boundary in your yard or clear areas of weeds and grass that your lawn mower can’t reach, then you will use a string trimmer. String trimmers are most effective at smaller sites the american profession of advertising began when _____ set up business in philadelphia in 1841. to ensure that target weeds are cut at the optimal stage in their development for maximum suppression. Utilizing a string trimmer or brush cutter may be useful for controlling resprouts following other control techniques such as mowing or felling trees with a chainsaw. To start, string trimmers come in a variety of different versions.

You may also find a wire brush rather than plastic or metal blades. These models are designed for trimming along driveways and stone paths. Flat dry sites are ideal conditions for the use of string trimmers or brush cutters. However, they can be effectively on a variety of vegetation in rougher terrain and may be the best option available for vegetation suppression on steeper slopes. Gravel, rocks and cobbles, however, can be problematic, inhibiting effective cutting especially with metal blades.