The sky above is clear and blue; the sea below, dark and choppy. As the ships’ engines idle loudly, at least 40 rounds are fired as the unarmed men are methodically picked off. Kerala High Court has dismissed a petition by the Italian Government seeking quashing of the FIRs against two of its marines, who allegedly shot dead two Indian fishermen off the state coast in February and slapped a cost of Rs 1 lakh on it. Defence Minister AK Antony today x264 stress test download said there was no question of any compromise with regard to the case relating to the two Italian marines who had allegedly shot dead two Indian fishermen off Kerala coast in February 2012. Some outlets are claiming that it is actually footage of the crew shooting Somali pirates in a failed hijacking. This theory seems to hold the most weight because it establishes a motive — additionally there is a capsized boat that two of the men cling to.

The Navy however began to attack the fishermen and destroying their boats and nets. In all 32 fishermen from Gurunagar and one from Mandaitivu village were killed by the Navy. The only fisherman Mr. Semon Mariyathas who escaped death in the massacre is still alive.

A fourth vessel, which maritime records indicate is a 725-ton Taiwanese-owned tuna longliner called Chun I 217, passes by in the background. Somali piracy spurred many governments to encourage merchant vessels to arm themselves or hire private security, a break from the longstanding practice of nations trying to maintain a near monopoly on the use of force. Meanwhile, growing terrorism concerns led port officials globally to impose tighter restrictions on weapons being carried into national waters. The maritime security industry includes fewer fly-by-night companies today than it did several years ago, according to the guards. Fijian police are investigating an unverified video purporting to show Fijian fishermen being shot at by men aboard another vessel, although the “fishermen” may be Somali pirates.

More than 3,100 mariners were assaulted or kidnapped in the area last year, according to the Times database, consisting of more than 6,000 crime reports. NewMediaRockstars is an online publication whose mission is to empower, inspire and promote the independent new media community. 1.5 million page views translates to a lot of warped minds– particularly when the page views are in regards to what many generally agree is the cre…

The men on board the boat, believed to be a tuna fishing vessel, can also be heard celebrating and smiling at the camera towards the end of the video. The graphic video posted on to YouTube shows what appears to be four fishermen being killed from shots being fired from a commercial vessel. Fijian naval ship Kikau is searching for crew members who jumped overboard from a fishing boat on Monday. The killings were exposed after a mobile phone containing footage of the incident was left in a taxi in Fiji, and found by someone who posted the video on YouTube in 2014. Horrifying footage shows the men being massacred in the water as they clung to the debris of a small boat, before a group of sailors laugh together on the fishing vessel Ping Shin 101 from which the shots were fired.

But so far, its registered owners have not responded to phone calls. One man, who jumped overboard on Monday to escape an alleged violent incident, was located by NZDF and Fijian Navy in a life raft on Thursday. There is still no understanding as to why the crew members abandoned the vessel and local police had advised media that reports of a beheading or any other detail regarding the events was merely speculation at this point.