Clear all icons , then select just star metal from “resources” . Put together, although it’s tricky and exotic at first, one good trip and you’ll have more star metal than you know what to with for a very long time. Star metal looks like dark rocks with smoke coming out. Once you have broken through the outer shell with explosives, you are left with a blue center that you harvest with a pick. Just for clarification, that information I listed was around pre Isle of Siptah.

Make sure you have some fuel in there like wood or coal, pop in your crystal and off you go. It converts crystal into glass at a rate of 2 crystal per glass and takes 40 seconds. As many players hunt for these vein deposits – and they can take anywhere between minutes to respawn – it’s a good idea to find a spot that is a little further from the more popular areas.

I m going to show you how to use the foundations and the explosive jar. The way that this wooden goes you ll see it when it comes up. But it doesn t go exactly the way that i expect it now just so you know one of the mods that i am running is les building placement restrictions.

Why i don t use the orbs is because they re extremely heavy and you cannot give them to at all if you give them to a thrall and get into a fight your thrall is going to use those orbs. Note there off in the distance up on the side of this cliff. Like that if you wanted to come this way this would be even safer than the way that i just showed you and there it is just down below. And do star metal or and not use foundations to kind of get up to where you need to be i definitely recommend the gliding joints for that climbing now the first few star metal. Ore that i m taking you to here are actually the safest to come and get this little area right here is not overwhelmed with a lot of enemies or a lot of animals so all through that ridge right. Here that is all really safe area to come and get star metal.

But you will need the explosives to even get to the blue center. Yes you must use explosives to crack them open to harvest. Resource hardly differs at first glance from iron deposits. Where the random number is actually a range from which a value is randomly selected.

There s also a star metal node down into our left. As well and then in this open slope area near this saber tooth. But that is another way business intelligence is both a core and extended erp component. that people do harvest star metal. So let s move on here to this node up here and i want to show you that you can climb to all this stuff.