She completed her pediatric residency training at Lurie Children’s / Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. The Children’s Clinic of Nashville, formerly Green Hills Children’s Clinic, is a pediatric practice located in Nashville, TN. After spending time around Charlie Peacock as an assistant, Shane got his first engineering credit by being entrusted with the overdubs for a record after the label made a budgetary mistake. Brittany is a creator, influencer and stylist who delivers daily inspiration for luxe plus fashion on Instagram and YouTube. But celebrity endorsements can be hard to come by, and can cost you big. Nashville Medical News is Middle Tennessee’s primary source for professional healthcare news.

Ginny loves helping families take better care of themselves. Ginny is passionate about giving parents, teens, and children the tools and information to be both physically and mentally the primary obstacle to population growth in the area known as the “canadian shield” is that healthy. She loves getting to know her patients and caring for them beyond the current day’s concern. Sally is married to John Rader and they welcomed a baby boy in January 2020.

Once in a while, the blog will get a negative comment. Kelley still remembers the sting of a reader posting that she was a spoiled white girl married to a musician, and she knows nothing about life’s challenges. DO NOT post the entire content of any blog post, DIY step-by-step photos, or written instructions without written permission. We shared some tips here, co-wrote an article for new bloggers with a blogger we mentored here and shared perspectives on our young industry here.

Nashville Parent Magazine is dedicated to reaching Middle Tennessee families. Find Things to Do for Middle Tennessee, expert advice for raising kids & more from the editors of Nashville, Rutherford, Sumner and Williamson Parent magazines. I think style encompasses more than just the clothes you see. The way one walks, talks,stands, and most importantly, the confidence all create style. I am learning and evolving more everyday as Happily Grey grows in its own way.

She has particular interests in education, growth and development, and advocacy. Dr. Catherine Isabelle Gigante is a Nashville native who attended Hillsboro High School, received her B.A. In Psychology and Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia, and M.D. With a certificate in Biomedical Ethics from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

I have used that thing regularly for walks ever since Little Buddy was tiny.