Stef and Lena are arguably the most together, sweetest, hottest lesbian couple to ever grace the small screen. But here’s the best part – Polo and Saum totally adore each other in real life. They’ve alternately praised working with each other in solo interviews, and when they’re together they just can’t help but be adorable. “The Fosters” followed the lives of the lesbian couple, Stef and Lena, their biological child, and four adopted children in California from 2013 until 2018.

The 52-year-old actress went on to reveal that the connection she shared with Saum was deeper than anything she had encountered with her male counterparts in the 30 years she had been in the industry. Once shooting began, she revealed that it was not difficult to portray the admiration they had for one another on the series as a couple. “It was as if we were as if we had done it for 10 years already,” shared Polo. During a chat with Access, Polo and Saum shared a heartwarming reflection that happened when they started working together.

Though Noah Centineo didn’t join the show until season three, the moms dished on him reading the part of Jesus from that first episode, which was originally played by Jake T Austin. Saum was born in Dayton, Ohio, to a German mother and an African-American father. She got her start at a Model Search America convention near her home in Kettering, Ohio. She was discovered during high school, modeling mostly during summer breaks until she moved to New York to work full-time with the NY modeling agency Images Management. Saum attended Ohio State University in Columbus, and New York University in New York. Lena and Dana’s conversation is one of many elements of The Fostersthat deals with the ongoing negotiations of culture and identity politics.

In 2013, she joined the new family drama series The Fosters. She started appearing in a lead cast of police officer Stef Adams Foster. Since then, she has played in the series alongside Sherri Saum, Jake T. Austin, Hayden Lambert, and other stars. The dynamic of the channel intro maker free is what fans admire the most on the show.

She has recently updated her Instagram bio which reads “J’s fiancé” but has remained silent about her engagementin the public. Well, that prejudice terminated for her when she met actress Saum on the sets of the series. When they read the scenes together for the first time, they were already completing each other’s sentences and helping one another with the dialogues.