The pool pad is provided with some of the automation systems which will help you control the pool even if you don’t have a proper internet connection. If you decide to steam up your spa on your drive home or switch off the pool lighting without leaving the sofa, a pool automation device allows you unparalleled power over your water. If a mistake is made or if you do not know exactly what you are doing, you could be injured or even killed while trying to install the system. Technicians handle these types of situations all the time, and they understand how pool automation systems work. All of this work needs to be handled by a licensed electrician orpool professionalwho is knowledgeable enough and equipped properly to do a job like this.

Let’s jump in and learn what kinds of pool automation there are, and whether or not you need to automate all of your systems for seamless integration. 7 Reasons You Need LED Pool LightsDo your incandescent pool lights make things look murky and spooky? Time to upgrade to bright, energy-efficient LED pool lights. In today’s world, nearly everything is built and operated around smart technology.

6 Best Pool LightsDon’t dive into a dark pool and right into the arms of a waiting swamp monster. Add illumination with pool lights, and make night swims safer and more fun. You’re lying on the beach outside your hotel, enjoying the sand and surf. The last thing you want to be concerned with is arriving home to cold water, or an algae problem in your pool. Pair three great Pentair products together for a powerful 3-year extended warranty that covers all three products.

Comes with an advanced technique of sanitizing the pool water. Home automation systems cannot be integrated into Easy Touch. Timers can also be set to control spa jets, the spa, and lighting. The advanced wireless connection helps connect your home network or, cone health my chart login in that case, you may have an Ethernet connection. The Pentair has a pool control system for you, whatever your type of pool. Also, the cleverest systems manage your water chemistry, ensuring you have the best quality water circulating through your pool.

This is a great system, but I would have like it to be a little more intelligent. Every time this system is turned off, you have to manually push a button to flush out the water. Also, the water goes straight to the pool pump and then out the drain.

The upfront cost for full pool automation varies depending on pool type, size, and complexity. It also varies depending on whether or not you have a spa you wish to integrate with your system. To give you a ballpark though, pool automation can cost anywhere up to $7,000 – depending on what level of automation you require. Installing an automatic dosing system is relatively easy, just follow the instructions and have a basic understanding of electrical systems. Contact your local pool supply company or where you purchased the dosing system if you require help with installation.