I was waiting to be a witness in criminal case once and was talking to guy who was middle age, small business owner. His Asian wife and mother-in-law stripped his house down to the floor boards while he was away then claimed violence. His passport etc showed he was overseas about 10 hour flight away. He still lost because he might be violent in the future. Otherwise we will be reading about you in these funny pages and you’ll be able to report firsthand what it’s really like to be red flagged.

Two weeks later and all we have is a “prior domestic violence” and some kind of theft charge. You obviously read this because I literally said his what processes and manages algorithms across many machines in a computing environment? Instagram stories show that he is wearing a vest and HE says the magazines in it are empty. If you want to debate, perhaps bring a real argument.

This, if the guy is that dangerous and has made specific threats or whatever, arrest him and charge him with a crime and give him his day in court before you remove a constitutional right. Apparently the Sheriff is going to give a press conference today. Here is the best summary of what has happened so far in my opinion.

If the big igloo happens, Who is the leader you look to??? The revolutionary war Had the Adams’, the civil war had the Governors of states and a confederate constitution. If the big igloo sets off like you guys think, you won’t be patriots, you won’t be militia, you WILL be terrorist criminals.

As police officers surrounded his home, Booth went viral in far-right social media communities. Before the standoff, he had only a few thousand followers on Instagram. But as the confrontation dragged on, he attracted national attention, crossing more than 130,000 Instagram followers. I really couldn’t care less for the purposes of this post.

Until violence ends, guns are a necessary tool for protecting oneself from the violence of others. And often times that violence comes at the hands of government agents and enforcers, not your neighbor. According to Pew Research, 60% of those are suicides.