The most important thing for any student is to love what he does, especially the studying process but today most of the students are taking their learning as a burden because they are not enjoying their studies. They are just trying to get good marks anyhow or first position in the class anyhow. Their main focus should be attaining knowledge which is lost completely because learning has become boring for the students and we can say that students also don’t hold a part in this situation because if a dish is tasteless then in reality no one is going to eat it. In the same way education should not be scary for the students, instead it should be made interesting in such a way that every student should love the content of the books and learning method. What students have forgotten about study is to love it. Nowadays every student is just mugging up the lessons to get some good numbers and position in the class and become the favorite of the tutors but their knowledge and information level is not so updated and upgraded along with time. If they get an idea before an exam that a question related to LMS full form and ERP full form is going to be asked then they will memorize its full form only but won’t bother to look into the details of both the terms. Such things happen when students stop taking interest in their knowledge acquiring process and stop loving their learning and studying process. So, let’s see what they can do to regain their love for studying.

In schools and colleges you have to study all subjects. It doesn’t matter if you love them or like them or not. Some of the subjects become nightmares in the school time like Math or Chemistry, but still you have to not only study them but you have to get passed in those subjects also. There is no other way to escape this thing but there is another way to deal with this kind of situation and that is to follow a saying which says that if you can’t change what you have then start love, so students should firstly give their time and focus to what they love to study, enjoy that particular subject as much as they can but the other subjects which are mandatory to study and they don’t want to, try to get acquainted with them daily a little and gradually they will fall in love those subjects also so they can fall in love with studying by several manners, even with those subjects which they don’t like. It is like a tutor asks the student about LMS full form & ERP full form but due to no interest in these terms student couldn’t answer but of the stars learning about these terms and practice it then he or she will provide all details about.

Students can fall in love with and enjoy the learning and studying if they start setting their goals because setting goals is a very necessary process to give inspiration and motivate the mind in order to study and work harder to achieve the goals they have decided in their academic life as a benchmark. Study is the base of any great professional future so it is necessary for the students to give time to the study and to love it because learning never stops. As soon as students will understand this concept that learning never stops, they will enjoy and love studying because then they will understand that learning is the only companion which goes for the lifetime. Most of the students love their daily life style , roaming here and there with friends and enjoying the parties and shopping and spending time with family but they forget to adjust their studies among all these joyful things so they just need to give equal time and attention to their studies and they need to be book worm for the whole of their day and they will love learning along all the other good things they will get time to do. Students will love learning but they will have to add practice to their schedule for which they will have to set the time and on that set time they will have to practice learning and studying daily.