All Duty Officer missions that drop EC drop nearly nothing. DOffing is good for a lot of other things, but not for making EC. So a 1 day lvl 50 statement is very misleading for a first time player Booster packs and Q’s help will not be on the cards.. So if you need stuff like Salvaged Technology, just do ground elite runs.

The study of Rikti technology is illegal, but that wouldn’t stop Crey if they thought it could give them an edge. This energy weapon appears to be an enhanced version of the rifles carried by the Wolf Spiders. Though this prototype isn’t functional, it could provide valuable clues to the next direction for Arachnos technology. Though broken in battle, this firearm still holds many of the secrets to Arachnos’ weapons technology. Lord Recluse wouldn’t hesitate to kill an adventurer who was found with this weapon on his person. Now you have three slots unlocked and are running three Research Projects.

The Mission Midnight is a good space mission to farm exiting just before the point where “help comes to open the portal”.. Oh If I can only remember the name of the mission but there are 2 transport or escort, I dont remember how they are called, anyway they are not TFO missions. Make purple MK ii to salvage for more re-roll salvage.

The undine BZ remains one of the best loot dropping places to my knowledge though. IMO, there is no need to adjust modifiers on weapons until it reaches the Mk/Quality you like as mods are likely to change during the upgrade process. So I wanted to ask if anyone knew a good way to earn a lot of salvage in a short period of time. I heard it reccomended the best way was to get trash weapons, re-roll them til I get something good, and upgrade.

The crafting system in STO is a great way to get some useful equipment to use as you work your way towards even better equipment. There is also some unique items that you can get such as the Aegis set, Omni-Directional beams, and does pepto bismol expire more. In order to get some of this equipment you’ll need to increase your experience in the 6 crafting schools. Because the mechanic does not seem to work that well at least on normal “Solo” situations like patrols and missions.

There are three tiers of Special Reserve gear, Recruit, Veteran, and Elite. These corrospond to Mk X, Mk XI, and Mk XII, respectively. Elite Requisitions cannot be obtained with EDCs. The main use for them is to get Requisition items (I’ll explain those in a bit, please bear with me). At the top you’ll be able to choose from a variety of options to craft that piece of equipment.

2x Quality Improvement ChanceAside from their grade, there are also different types of Tech Upgrade kits. Most upgrade kits, such as those crafted in the R&D System or some handed out during special events, may only work on a specific “school”, i.e. category, of items. Universal Tech Upgrades, such as Phoenix or Omega Tech Upgrades on the other hand, are applicable to any item. The resource requirements for upgrading can sometimes be eased during events known as Upgrade Weekends. During these events, the amount of technology points added by a Tech Upgrade is doubled, which means you need less dilithium to achieve the same results. The top bar indicates the accumulated tech points and the bottom one shows the “Quality Improvement Chance”.

This tech is bound to the account and cannot be traded on the exchange. Argala is yesterday’s news for that sort of thing, though if you’re just starting out it’s probably a good place to level ships and such. The Patrol “Wanted” in the Argala System still has the best drops for salvage or NPC selling to get EC… The Stiletto was engineered in a similar vein as the Black Hawk-KU or the Rakshasa, using examples of Fire Falcon OmniMechs salvaged from the battlefield immediately following the Battle of Coventry.