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SinceA Realm Reborn released in 2013,Final Fantasy 14has released 17 full jobs — and one limited job in Blue Mage — as the backbone of the game’s systems. You don’t have to make alternate characters to play all the jobs inFinal Fantasy 14, as every character can learn every job in the game as long as you unlock it and fulfill the level requirements. This is a general list of all job cards released in the game. So the monk defender job, with dark and light drive is actually a worse tank against both elements than a viking with dark or even its breaking counterpart the grappler with light? I know monks are heavily earth based, but the thought of having a dual element light/dark defender was appealing. Ace Striker has pretty balanced power stat in both his Warrior and Mage capabilities, though his Mage damage is slightly higher when exploiting elemental weaknesses.

Indeed, simply by looking at the stats one can see that these eight are statistical outliers compared to the other Jobs in the game. This confirms that the method is at least basically functional. You can obtain job-specific custom skill cards to further boost your job stats through the “Hall of Fame” region. Common custom skills can be obtained through the Skill Gacha in the Shop menu. Skills include raising base stats, increasing elemental attack power or defense, even helping you to farm more gils and EXP.

Samurai is user-friendly and has very well-done attack animations. Some prefer Monk, but Samurai is much smoother and easier in terms of combos. They also get AOE attacks pretty quickly, which cannot be said for other melee DPS classes.

While the game mostly retains the series’ core, V is often considered to be the first comical entry of the series. Players get to control Bartz and his allies, as they try to save the Crystals, to save the world. While which of these states does not contain an ivy league school? its bright and warm graphics are something fans can remember, its Job system is its’ most robust feature. Not only do players get to level up their characters, but they also get to level up their Job levels with AP.

The Gunbreaker is an interesting tank in that it focuses more on damage mitigation and reduction. Where other tanks will simply draw in the enemy and keep them occupied the Gunbreaker is focused on crowd control and minimizing the damage they and others receive. Unlike standard tanks they also can fire off magical bullets for some decent DPS of their own adding yet another layer of complexity to the class. The Machinist has powerful attacks that can function a bit oddly at times. Most of the difficulty with this job is knowing when to unleash an attack and when to keep the powder dry.

There’s also a bit of resource management thanks to overheating gear and having enough juice in the batteries. The Ninja is one of the more hands-on jobs in the game. It’s similar to the Monk or Samurai in that the player is stringing combos together to take opponents out, but these combos are a bit more complex with hand-signs. This is a good melee class to practice transitioning into more complicated jobs.